Educational Coloring Pages - Coloring Is The First Step Towards Drawing and Illustrating

Educational coloring pages offer kids a simple, easy, fun way to learn and play at the same time.

Here are sample Coloring & Drawing Pages from a fun book! Educational coloring pages-young girl painting Educational childrens coloring pages allow kids to be creative as they color or draw pictures to express themselves, i.e., use of right brain.

At the same time, kids must use their left brains to figure out, analyze, or think about what the educational component of the coloring is.

At least that's what kids must do with our educational coloring pages.

It's not easy to add the component of educational when speaking of educational coloring pages.

Some sites offer a free educational coloring page which is simply a picture or a letter of the alphabet to color, which is excellent for younger kids (preschoolers).

Coloring in animals and flowers, roses and fairies, angels and buildings, allows kids to learn these things, and that's fine too.

However, by the time kids are 6 years old, many are ready for more than simple printable coloring pages where they color in the lines.

These kids wish to express their creativity, and at this age most kids are creative. Why not foster and encourage kids to explore their creative skills and deepen their talents?

Are you a teacher looking for drawing and coloring ideas? Check out printable childrens books for teachers.

If you're seeking an excellent source of educational coloring pages that require your child to learn, explore the unique Anti-Coloring Books on Amazon.

If you're at all skeptical about buying online, read buying educational childrens books, where I share my many years of buying books online.

Let's face it: do a Google Search and you can easily find thousands of excellent printable free coloring pages to download, print and your child colors.



I'm sure you can find many single printable, online, downloadable color pages for your kids to color.

And coloring within the lines is a good, safe, productive activity for kids starting out with art projects or kids art activities.

However, if you see your child wants to be more creative than just coloring, then drawing and illustrating may be the next steps.

There are many benefits to be gained by your child's drawing and illustrating individual printable pages or even...

Printable Educational Activity Books - Whole Language Learning

When you combine coloring pages, with drawing and illustrating, as well as reading and writing, you all of a sudden have the makings of a homeschool art curriculum project or whole language learning.

It's almost impossible to have free childrens educational coloring pages stand alone as single pages (though as you'll see below, each of our pages can stand alone but work much better as a whole).

Why not maximize your child's learning experience by having her focus on what she loves, i.e., drawing and coloring, by including reading a values rich story book?

The more creative your child, the more creativity she'll have as an adult, which as I stated on creative childrens books, is a lifelong skill that benefits her enormously.

Kids coloring and drawing pages are part of a picture book quality story, Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book, about the true meaning of friendship.

You did check out the samples from Bingo and Bonner, right? What do you think? Like them?

Do your kids like coloring in the pages?

What about illustrating the story? Has your child artist attempted that yet?

Was drawing too scary for your child?

I totally understand; you don't want to pressure her.

Here's a site to teach her how to draw by a self-taught artist. There are many examples to start copying to get her feet wet.

Here are further details about Bingo and Bonner with Friendship Unit Study.

Bingo and Bonner is both an example of affordable childrens books as well as educational childrens books.

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