Types of Fear = Many BUT All Result In Less Freedom for You

It would be easy to write about the many different types of fear.

These fears immobilize us, make us weak, destroy our lives.

We all have some fears but like the cover of a book I read once states:

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

There is fear of

  1. flying,
  2. public speaking,
  3. snakes,
  4. spiders,
  5. meeting new people,
  6. taking exams,
  7. doctors,
  8. cancer,
  9. people not liking you,
  10. success,
  11. failure,
  12. terrorists,
  13. making friends,
and many many more.

I want to empower kids to have the skills to tell the difference between real fear and imaginary fear.

Kids need to know there are some real fears in their world but most of what people fear is imaginary fears.

Crossing the street when the light is red is something kids need to learn is a real threat to them.

As is playing with knives and matches, both can produce dangerous results.

The biggest aid you give your kids is helping them to determine which fears they have control over.

In other words, the imaginary fears.

FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

For example, I dropped out of college because I was afraid of standing in front of a classroom of students and giving a speech.

I had one semester to graduation.

I let my fear, that something bad was going to happen to me, rule my actions.

I never stopped to ask myself: what's the worst thing that could happen if I gave a speech?

Could pee in my pants.

They could laugh like crazy at me.

I could stutter and stammer and make a complete fool of myself.

The list is endless.

Did I have any proof I'd give a lousy speech? None, zilch, nada.

My mind got to thinking I'd give a lousy speech and I believe the False Evidence Appearing Real.

Here's one of the types of fear that could have been very real for me and might be for most people.

I was returning from a sales convention with thousands of dollars of nutritional supplements. I stopped my car to get some rest in a roadside lot off a major highway in Wyoming.

Next thing I knew, some cowboy was banging a gun on the window inches from my head, demanding I open up.

Groggily, I did. They threw me onto the floor, one cowboy held a gun to my head, and then the other started driving in the opposite direction from where I was heading.

To make a long story short, the thought jumped into my mind to not be afraid.

And to enjoy the journey. That if this was to be my last few minutes alive, enjoy myself.

So I did.

I began talking with them, and we discovered we were all Vietnam Veterans.

The one with the gun to my head lowered the gun.

Ultimately, they let me go, else i wouldn't be here writing about the types of fear.

And they stole almost nothing, least of all my highly prized supplements.

Fears illustrate the

Importance of Friendship

Having friends to talk to when you're fearful helps sort out the fear.

Kids who can share their fears with others often don't let the fears hinder their lives.

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