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Ezine Articles Articles about character education lessons, self-love, character education programs and more.

Sample p. 1-9, Bingo & Bonner a Read-Me, Draw-Me picture book without the pictures. Kids ages 6-9 create pictures as they read the story about the true meaning of friendship.

Sample p.1-5 Friendship Unit Study related to Bingo story, activities, exercises, games.

Sample p. 5 Bingo & Bonner

Part 1, Self-Love e-Book , a 5 part e-course helping people deepen self-love through overcoming the blocks to self-love.

Sample p1, Joey’s Cabbage Patch , another Read-Me Draw Me book scheduled for Spring 2009.

Sample p2, Joey’s Cabbage Patch

Sample p3, Joey’s Cabbage Patch

Sample p.1-3, Joey’s Cabbage Patch

Sample p. 4-6, Joey’s Cabbage Patch