What Extraordinary Art Projects for Kids Unleash Creativity?

Are your art projects for kids as creative and expressive as their hearts desire?

Would you like ideas for outstanding art projects that kids love?

art projects for kids - young girl drawing

Great, you've come to the right place!

Fun art projects, creative art projects, even easy art projects for kids all add to a child's educational development, helping kids gain confidence in their abilities.

Moms involved with home school education know the importance of children's art education and children's art.

Teaching art at home, an aspect of homeschool art programs using homeschooling printables, actively involves kids with stimulating homeschool art projects.

Creative art projects for kids give them more opportunities to express their talents. When young kids have kindergarten art projects that keep alive their creativity, the child learns to trust her abilities to express her creativity.

Whether your child engages

  1. in Halloween art projects for kids,
  2. Christmas art projects for kids, or
  3. Easter art projects for kids,
when she freely expresses her creative ideas without fear of reprimand, she develops confidence in her abilities.

For me, being creative is my most valuable asset.

Educators state:

"90 percent of kids are creative at 5 years-old, and only 2 percent of children are still creative by the time they're 8 years-old." (Living Your Life Out Loud by Salli Rasberry and Padi Selwyn, p.3).

Therefore, the more extraordinary opportunities kids have to express and nurture their creative expression, the greater likelihood creativity dwells in their hearts forever.

What if you combine a creative coloring and drawing project with making and keeping friends?

You'll learn about this and other exciting ideas when you...

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Extraordinary Creative Art Projects for Kids?

As kids progress through life, they have many chances where their creativity skills assist them in meeting life's challenges.

When a child learns to express herself creatively through creative art projects for kids, she builds her creativity muscles.

Here's some rhyming verse from one of my books HeartMinders called

Creativity Transforms Challenges:

When you're sad and miserable, in horrendous pain,
you dampen your spirit, and plunder your gain.
Your heart hurts, you have little hope;
you barely hang onto life's shrinking rope.

Yet with creativity eyes to jumpstart your brain,
you ignite solutions to keep you dry in the rain.

Do your thought and beliefs make you strong or weak?
Can you face your fears, or does change make you freak?
Problems are for solving, until you die.
Accepting that reality means you laugh more than cry.

Each moment you choose in lots of ways,
to make your life beautiful or to ruin the day.
Life is change, you must make new starts;
use creativity eyes to create a happy heart.

You might be thinking that since I feel so strongly about art projects for kids, where are kids art projects?

Glad you asked.

Coloring Pages to Print - Actually More than Coloring Pages

There are hundreds of great web sites that offer
  1. kids coloring pages to print,
  2. printable online coloring books, printable coloring pages,
  3. advanced coloring pages,
  4. printable coloring book pages,
  5. educational coloring pages and more.

Here's one of them: For ideas and excellent resources for coloring pages for kids.

For more, use the Google Search Tool below to search Childrens Educational Books alone or the entire World Wide Web.

You'll find kids coloring pages to print on this website that are a combination of coloring pages and drawing pages.

The Web Childrens Educational Books

Creative Art Projects for Kids

The following art projects for kids are creative.

Kids create their own illustrations on each page of a printable coloring drawing page based on their understanding of the words on each page.

Each page is part of the picture book quality story but without the pictures.

Your child becomes the artist.

What, your child is afraid of drawing?

She thinks her work is crappy?

Many kids do have this fear. But as loving mom, your job is to encourage her.

Follow this link to All About Drawings, which offers inspiration to draw.

Explore art by starting with the simplest medium of pencil. This site is designed to encourage new artists by featuring lots of easy pencil drawings and outlines to copy.

The artist, a mom, grandmother, and self-taught artist, makes learning to draw a snap.

And I've actually started following her first suggestion (not ready to show it to you!)

Bingo and Bonner also has border designs on each page of the following projects so your child can color them. As she's coloring these pages, ideas jump into her heart and mind on how to draw the illustration in the white space on each page.

Take a look at what I mean.

ATTN Parents/Teachers/Students: Each page is 11" by 8 1/2", so you'll see the PDF actually as an 8 1/2 by 11, so when you print it, your child will have the full page to play and create on.

Here's the first page in Bingo and Bonner, a Read-Me, Draw-Me Book, with 23 additional coloring pages to print from this printable coloring drawing online book.

I'm making these available as online downloadable printable e-Books, excellent examples of kids art activities and kids art at home projects.

However as I stated on printable coloring page, you must be sensitive to the child or children involved.

Warning to Parents/Educators

If after following the above link (you did check out All About Drawing, didn't you), your child still has fears, read on.

Not all children feel comfortable or confident in drawing their own pictures.

Some kids feel threatened or intimidated by the lack of the customary lines and figures that make up kids coloring pages and coloring books.

As parent or teacher, you can determine if asking your child to create her own illustrations is putting too much stress on her.

You don't want to add stress to children's lives, by forcing them into an uncomfortable situation.

However, you can point out to the child that border designs on each page give ideas of what to draw and create.

And now with BINGO AND BONNER, I've added coloring border designs, so kids can begin by what they're accustomed to, i.e., coloring pictures.

Sometimes just looking at the border design (even without coloring them) for a few minutes ignites a spark of confidence to draw something and stretch her abilities beyond a simple coloring page.

Use your intuition and knowledge of the child who may not want to draw the picture to determine if you can encourage her to draw it or not.

Hopefully, the addition of the coloring border designs will inspire your child's creativity and a willingness to try her hand.

Remember to remind her there is no right or wrong illustration. These art projects for kids do not intend to create competition or a sense that some art is better or superior to other art.

My intention is to inspire young artists to express their creativity!Here are more sample pages from Bingo and Bonner .

As well, it comes with a unit study on friendship, consisting of 15 activities, exercises and games that deepen character traits such as forgiveness.

Here are a few sample pages from the friendship unit study .

Bingo and Bonner cover

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