Spiritual Books for Children Remind Children of Their Spiritual Nature

Spiritual books for children show children parts of themselves that need nurturing and care.

It's just as important to feed and nourish a child's spiritual side as it is to feed her body and mind.

According to the Encarta Dictionary, spiritual means "relating to the soul or spirit, usually in contrast to material things."

Traditional childrens educational books are not concerned with our souls and spirits, feeling that those areas are best left to the church to deal with.

Hogwash. I disagree.

As human beings, we each have a body, mind, and spirit. Each part needs caring for, feeding, maintenance and sustenance.

For kids to become healthy adults, nurturing their spiritual side is as important as nurturing the rest of them.

Here's a great link to spiritual books for children.

When I write of spiritual matters in different childrens educational books, I include a reverence for all of life in my meaning of spiritual.

This means

  • bushes and trees,
  • lakes and rivers,
  • the air we breathe,
  • the roads we drive on, and
  • animals, to name a few.

You may be thinking, "He's going off the deep end with this stuff." (If you've never thought this way, please allow me a few more moments of your precious time).

Scientists and spiritual teachers from Jesus to Buddha say we're all connected, we're all One.

Scientific studies are now showing scientists what spiritual teachers since the beginning of time know, i.e., that we are all One, that when one of us suffers, we all suffer.

That's one reason why

kids environmental education as well as childrens books on pollution and childrens books about trees play such an important role in your child's education.

Spiritual Animals Have Souls Too

One reason for becoming a vegetarian is to no longer be part of the process of animals suffering. Watch this online video about animals being led to the slaughterhouse.

Are animals our less developed brothers and sisters, worthy of our respect and love? (Yeah, this may sound weird and strange to some, but I do believe it.) In fact...

I'm conducting an unscientific experiment this summer, having planted a garden alongside mom's house (I moved in with her September, 2007, to help her through the aging process).

She plants and grows 8 tomato plants each summer, but in recent years, squirrels and one chipmunk have been munching almost all her tomatoes.

Sometimes they take a few bites and leave the rest for mom; sometimes, big, ripe tomatoes disappear just before mom is ready to pick them.

As she walks outside to pick them, they're gone: she's furious, calls them all sorts of undignified names, and really detests them.

I've decided to talk with the squirrels and chipmunk, asking them to share the garden with me.

I remind them I've done the work, that I should reap some benefits of the garden, but they're welcome to share with me.

I'm willing to co-share the garden and the food that it grows. It's like I'm working together with nature and any nature spirits that are living on the property.

As of July 30, 2008, most of mom's tomatoes have either disappeared or have been half eaten on the vine.

Most of my tomatoes have been eaten by me, with only 1 large tomato disappearing from the vine.

Perhaps there's something to sharing the earth, respecting and honoring all its inhabitants, not just the human ones.

Children naturally feel connected with animals and nature. What if there were more spiritual books for children that inspired kids to see we're all One?

Until that happens, remember how important it is to a child's healthy development that her spiritual side is given sufficient attention.

Think about when a child is born, having spent the past 9 months in mom's womb.

What's she been doing in there? How much is she affected by mom's thoughts and feelings, by the environment mom lives in?

When newborns enter the world after 9 months confinement inside mom, most children appear angelic, almost as if they're not totally present.

Is that because the child has been in communion with Her Creator, having her spiritual side filled to the brim?

Then she's plopped down on mom's breast to receive her earthly nourishment. And unless the family honors their own spiritual sides, baby's spiritual food is cut off.

Thus, spiritual books for children play an important role in keeping kids connected to their spiritual sides.

Spiritual books for children may be one of the only places where kids see they are much more than just their bodies and their minds.

Parents who attend to the spiritual sides of their kids may have time to read spiritual ...

Books for Raising Healthy Kids

or they may just know intuitively how to nurture their kid's spiritual as well as mental, emotional, physical and social needs.

Spiritual parents understand the important role values play in their child's development. Not to mention having a healthy self-esteem, which we discussed at childrens books on self-esteem.

Without spiritual books for children it's difficult for children to appreciate they are whole human beings, not made up of just their body and minds. (I know, I'm repeating myself from above, but this point is crucial to your child's development as a whole humanoid).

Books for raising healthy kids that take into account a child's spiritual nature are important spiritual books for children or at least for you moms.

Self help books for kids empower kids to view themselves from a loving angle of vision.

On book reviews for childrens books I've previewed childrens spiritual books so you can give your kids a wider range of educational empowering books.

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