Creative Childrens Books - A Doorway to Freedom of Expression

Creative Childrens Books are adventures for your child. More than simply reading, when your child has completed reading a creative book, she often feels empowered, uplifted, inspired, even confident in her ability to do what she wishes to do.

Here are four creative childrens books:

  1. Celebrating individuality and creativity is Dr. Seuss's Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!, appropriate for kids 5 and up.

    Although this book was left unfinished by Dr. Seuss, many of his original art is recorded in the Appendix of the book.

    The collaborators did an excellent job, from my perspective, of making a strong case for nurturing and developing the creative spirit dwelling in the hearts and minds of each child.

  2. Another of Dr. Seuss's books Horton Hears A Who! is one of those creative childrens books that teaches important character traits.

    Horton the Elephant represents "kindness, trustworthiness, and perseverance", character education traits any youngster and most adults need to learn.

    The book is funny, even absurd at times, yet teaches without being preachy and is highly recommended for kids 4 - 8, though I enjoyed it immensely.

  3. Dr. Seuss's The Lorax concerns itself with a valuable message told in a whimsical way: each of needs to be concerned about greed, reckless growth and pollution.

    Dr. Seuss makes a strong point about caring and loving Mother Earth, and his message is as valid today as it was in the 1960s when he wrote the book.

  4. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is an example of a creative childrens book because it can be interpreted two ways.And each way teaches a different character education lesson crucial for kids to be exposed to.

Creative childrens books have the potential to help kids in so many ways that it's impossible to list them all. Often creative books are high quality childrens books.

Here is a large collective of creative childrens books.

In my opinion, the most important gift children receive when reading creative kids books is they're exposed to creativity, whether in

  • the words the author uses,
  • the whimsical ideas the author writes about, or
  • the unique angle of vision the author shares that show kids life's many possibilities.

Why is it important for kids to be exposed to childrens creative books and creative ideas?

Let me share a brief story. Twenty years ago, I attended a book signing in Santa Rosa, CA. Salli Rasberry and Padi Selwyn had written an outstanding book Living Your Life Out Loud, How to Unlock Your Creativity and Unleash Your Joy.

They quoted a study, found on p.3 of their book, which states "90 percent of five-year olds test highly creative. This drops to 10 percent by age seven, and past age eight only 2 percent exhibit a high level of creativity."

In other words, creativity declines when structured education begins.

Each of us is born with high levels of creativity, yet society reaps rewards and praise on only a small number of artists, musicians, and the like. Hogwash, pshaw, and fiddlelisticks.

While the rest of us have forgotten how creative we once were, if we as adults, parents, teachers, the like, are unwilling to reclaim our creativity, at least we can offer our kids...

Quality Childrens Books that Are Creative

Whether your child is reading children's adventure books or children's books on self-esteem, the more creative the book, the more your child's heart zings.

When her heart thumps, she feels the author is sharing something meaningful and worthwhile with her.

Some quality children's books may be difficult to find in your library or bookstore. Many don't show up on Amazon either. The problem is shelf space.

Libraries and bookstores have room for a limited number of books, as well as having a limited budget. It is impossible to stock all the creative childrens books available in one physical locale.

However, if you keep searching the Internet, you'll find excellent and many high quality childrens books as e-Books, downloadable, online books for children.

The Web and advances in technology allow people from all walks of life to create books and make them available online. You'll find childrens books websites that recommend outstanding, quality childrens books.

Here's one of my favorite websites, a site celebrating childrens books. You can read about and discover resources for childrens books.

Granted, all the books online aren't good, just like all the books in bookstores aren't good.

Yet, there are creative childrens books just waiting for your kids. Here's a description to a Read-Me, Draw-Me Book Bingo and Bonner the first of our online, printable, creative childrens books I've written.

If your child likes drawing and illustrating her own pictures (you did check out the above link?) here are more sample educational coloring pages from Bingo and Bonner, which is our first...

Childrens Books that Help Kids

Childrens educational books help kids develop values and ways of living. Whether they're

  • childrens books about pollution,
  • childrens gardening books,
  • childrens books about health,
  • childrens books about family or
  • childrens friendship books
all are childrens books that help kids.

As I said on Childrens Educational Books, books have become valued, trusted friends. They've helped me at times when I needed inspiration, encouragement, a new way of looking at an old problem.

As a writer and publisher of the childrens books offered at, I recognize how vulnerable a child's mind is.

Maria Montessori, the brilliant educator from Italy who founded Montessori Schools, once said that children's minds are like sponges. They absorb everything the first six years.

I've gone to great lengths, hiring editors, having kids and parents critiquing the books, lots of revisions, to offer only high quality, creative, inspirational books.

From my perspective as an author and self-publisher, excellent, fun, original childrens books have the potential to plant seeds of love and compassion in the hearts of readers.

When I first published Joey's Cabbage Patch, the first of my creative childrens books, a parent of a 6 year old girl informed me that her daughter had read it 6 times.

Imagine the joy I felt, knowing that at least one child had taken to heart the message the book contained. I was grateful mom had selected my book from the many choices she had while choosing childrens books.

Joey's Cabbage Patch, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book will be available as an e-Book in Spring, 2009, another of our childrens creative books.

Fill out the form that follows to be notified, so your child can use her creative talents to draw and illustrate it.

Promise: I will never share your personal information with anyone. I dislike spam as much as you do. Thanks for your trust.

For one of my creative childrens books, see friendship books for children.

Or check out sample pages from Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book, modeled after Joey's Cabbage Patch, and my first online e-Book.

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