Interactive Homeschool Curriculum Inspires, Informs, Expands and Nurtures Kids' Hearts, Minds & Spirits

Here's some interactive homeschool curriculum reviews and critiques from a home schooling mom offering a wide variety of curriculum to make your life simpler and easier.

Moms choose their homeschool curriculum based on the goals they have for their kids.

You want an interactive homeschool curriculum that includes body, mind and spirit to nurture the whole child.

The more kids are given opportunities to excel at what they do best, the greater the self-confidence children carry with them through life.

 interactive homeschool curriculum Years ago, I read a book called Soar with Your Strengths by Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson. The main message of the book is to "find out what you do well and do more of it.

Find out what you don't do well and stop doing it."

The authors discuss five characters of a strength:

  1. Listen for Yearnings, i.e., what are you pulled to do, that you really like to do;
  2. Watch for Satisfactions, i.e., finding excessive and joyous pleasure in the doin;
  3. Watch for Rapid Learning;
  4. Glimpses of Excellence leading to
  5. Total Performance of Excellence.

In high school, I seemed to do many things decently, some things well, and some things I was horrible at. My best subjects were language learning, math, writing, my worst subjects were science and history.

Then I discovered creative writing and I became hooked on creating books. I liked both the writing of the books (the words of which just seemed to come to me), the editing, and also making prototypes, then self-publishing.

It took me a very long time to truly honor my strengths and to soar with them.

I invested a lot of money in what many called "failed" businesses, but I always learned something. Mostly, I learned to trust myself and follow the inner guidance I was receiving. PLUS, people liked my books!

In fact, the interactive homeschool curriculum I offer empower kids to soar with their strengths!

Unique Homeschool Curriculum

A homeschool curriculum often reinforces values that moms want their kids to live by.

When childrens educational books provide

  • stories,
  • drawing and coloring pages,
  • activities and exercises,
that support values being taught in the home, mom is a happy camper.

I launched childrens educational books with a Vision: Inspiration Empowering Children.

Each online printable book will empower children in ways that nurtures their hearts and satisfies their minds.

Moms are always on the lookout for new homeschool curriculum as well as unique homeschool curriculum:

  • Educators are continually discovering the best methods for learning,
  • writers are authoring new books regularly,
  • scientists learn more about how humans function and more.

New Homeschool Curriculum

Do your kids like to draw?

Are you looking for a curriculum that goes beyond coloring in between the lines?

I've created an interactive homeschool curriculum unit study that incorporates a new concept in children's activity books.

Kids create their own illustrations based on their understanding of the words on each page of a picture book quality story.

Each page has a border design to inspire your child's creativity as well as reinforcing critical thinking skills.

I call my new concept Read-Me, Draw-Me Books and each one comes with an accompanying homeschooling unit studies.

Here are sample printable drawing coloring pages from Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book.

Here are 3 sample exercises and activities from the homeschooling unit study that goes with the e-Book.

The Unit Study on Friendship deals with character traits such as forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love as it shows kids how to make and keep friends.

For more info, for rave reviews, or to purchase Bingo and Bonner.

For more pages for your child to play with and test out, here's a sampling of one type of interactive homeschool curriculum you'll find in one of our popular books when it was published as a soft cover book, Joey's Cabbage Patch, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book.

If you and your children liked the samples, here are the next 3 pages of Joey's Cabbage Patch.

Here are a few more ideas about 21st century kids education.

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