If You Can Tell Me A Skill as Important as Making and Keeping Friends, I'll Give You Bingo and Bonner For Free!

Tell Me a Quality More Important to Lifetime Success Than Being a Good Friend (which Means You Know How to Love) and Bingo and Bonner Is Yours For Free.

But If You Can't Tell Me, Then Empower Your Child with Friendship Skills That Insures She's Never Homeless


Dear Internet Friend,
From the Desk of The Creative Maverick, Harvey Rosenberg

Everyone knows how important friendships are.

Friends are there when you need a helping hand or shoulder to cry on.

Friends laugh with your joys and cry with your sorrows.

What would your world be like without a few friends you can always count on?

Well, ask a homeless person this question.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

The massive number of homeless might be warm and comfortable instead of cold and miserable had they mastered the art of making and keeping friends.

No friend would let her friend become homeless.

Homeless people are homeless not just because they're unemployed. It's also because they don't have friends who care enough about them.

Or maybe they just don't have friends.

What a very sad thing to happen to a person.

"I've looked at your website and wanted to say thank you by letting you know that your site "childrens educational books" is going to be named March 2009 site of the month on my website.

I've only given this award 6 times in the 10 years I've been reviewing websites.

Your dedication in helping children grow was evident to me when browsing your site. You truly have a passion for educating children and I wish more people would build their sites with passion... like yours.

Congrats on your site award and feel free to add me to your list of testimonials.

All the best,
Paul Ellis
"The Mad Webmaster"

Friendships make the world turn round, just like love.

The more friends your child has, the more love she shares, the more content her heart.

And how can she increase the number of close, caring, cover her back friends?

By being a good friend herself.

And that's where Bingo and Bonner enters the picture.

Bingo and Bonner is a unique, innovative, K-3 character education program guaranteed to

  • ignite her imagination,
  • nurture her heart, and
  • plant the seeds for lifetime friendship making and keeping skills.

"Friends are the most important part of your life. Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories." ---Dave Brenner

Your heart rests at peace knowing these skills will serve her in marriage, work, and raising her own kids. How can you lose?

"Every child can learn from the lessons Bingo and Bonner discover in their frolicks together – lessons about understanding, caring, and just what makes a good friend a good friend.

From one home schooling mom to another: “Bingo and Bonner: A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book” deserves two thumbs up! "---Lucy Tashman, former homeschooling mom of 3 sons, Atlanta, GA

As your child reads Bingo and Bonner she begins to see the problems that arise with making and keeping friends.

As she illustrates the story based on her own understanding of the words, the message sinks further in than it would without her creative illustrations.

This Friendship Unit Study Program stimulates her artistic creativity while the exercises, activities and games develop the character traits acceptance, forgiveness, and love, crucial to making and keeping friends.

How important a skill is making friends?

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. ---Kahlil Gibran

How valuable is it to learn to accept yourself and be a friend to yourself?

"Friendship with oneself is all-important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world."--Eleanor Roosevelt

As your child gets involved with reading and coloring, then becomes absorbed in illustrating the touching picture book quality story, you find yourself smiling contentedly, knowing the friendship skills she's learning.

Combining coloring, drawing, reading and writing, as well as the critical thinking skill of how to illustrate a picture, make Bingo and Bonner an exciting adventure in learning.

I'm sure you've learned what I've learned:

    We all seek and want more love.
    We all need a few good friends to safely share our hearts with, and
    The more creative our outlook on life, the easier we handle life’s unasked for, unwanted, and unanticipated challenges (daily events!).

Bingo and Bonner and Friendship Unit Study provide inspiration empowering children in all three areas!

Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book teaches children the true meaning of friendship. They color in border designs and create unique illustrations based on their understanding of the words on each page.

A beautiful 4-Color cover and inspiring border designs stimulate kid's creativity as they choose what they wish to draw on each page.

A former homeschooling mom created 15 thought-provoking exercises, games and activities to help kids in making and keeping friends.

Here's What Reviewers Are Saying

Initial response is that Bingo and Bonner is an excellent product.

  1. Carletta Sanders, owner and creator of the very popular Successful Homeschooling web site says:
    "Bingo and Bonner, A "Read-Me, Draw-Me" Book, is a printable e-book that tells a delightful story of friendship, forgiveness and acceptance.

    "The book has a beautiful, full-color front cover, followed by black and white pages containing whimsical borders that correlate to the text on each page.

    "This book encourages expression and creativity by allowing children to create their own illustrations. This, combined with Bingo and Bonner's captivating, action-oriented text, makes the book a great alternative to traditional coloring books.

    "Bingo and Bonner can be used with a corresponding study guide that contains

    1. case studies,
    2. writing exercises, and
    3. games that promote friendship and good character.
    "This values-based, reading and drawing program will serve as a fun addition to your homeschool curriculum!"
    --Carletta Sanders, www.successful-homeschooling.com

  2. Here’s what Claire from the very popular Little Kids Games Online says:
    “I did wonder whether the story would be a bit young for him (age 9) considering his current interests, but he enjoyed it!

    We did this a couple of days ago, and then yesterday he was talking about it again and adding bits to his drawings, so it certainly made an impression on him in that he didn't go away and forget all about it as happens with many other of his activities!”
    --Claire from www.littlekidsgamesonline.com

Benefits of Bingo and Bonner

Your kids receive the following benefits from Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book
and Friendship Unit Study. Kids learn how to:
    Deepen artistic and creative skills.
    Have fun creating a series of drawings.
    Increase self-esteem.
    Develop critical thinking skills.
    Learn the power of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love.
    Be a friend and to keep friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions
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  2. Question: What age group can use Bingo and Bonner?
    Answer: Kids, ages 6-9, love illustrating Bingo and Bonner, and the activities were designed for that age group as well. However, there have been older and younger kids who enjoyed illustrating the first Read-Me, Draw-Me Book.

  3. Question: What payment options do I have?
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    Here's What You Get for $17 - 2 for 1!

    With your purchase you get 2 books:

    1. Bingo and Bonner, A "Read-Me, Draw-Me" Book. There are 24 pages where your child draws her understanding of the words about friendship as well as coloring in border designs.

    2. The Friendship Unit Study has 2 weeks of exercises, activities, and games focusing on the true meaning of friendship. There are a total of 15 reading, drawing, reflecting and writing activities and exercises.

    3. Your child deepens her abilities and skills in making and keeping friends.

    4. Your child learns the value of loving and accepting herself and others just the way they are, increasing her likelihood for greater happiness and joy throughout her life. Isn't that priceless?

    Ready to Purchase? 2 for 1Special! $17

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    Thank you for your business, I appreciate it. I hope your child loves Bingo and Bonner and makes and keeps a few close friends for life!

    Warmly and Gratefully,

    Harvey Rosenberg

    May your days be full with friendship and the love friendships bring to your heart and mind.