Affordable Childrens Books - How to Buy Online e-Books and Offline Childrens Books at Bargain Prices

In today's tumultuous economic climate (2008), buying affordable childrens books is more important than ever, both for the homeschooling mom as well as any parent looking to stretch their buying power.

In the USA, one outstanding source of affordable educational products, whether home school curriculum or homeschooling unit studies, is the Homeschool Buyer's Coop, where homeschoolers are offered discounts on everything from affordable childrens books to complete curriculum.

The Homeschool Buyer's Coop has over 33,000 members at present and a wide range of suppliers who offer discounts to Members of the Coop, which is free to join.

As well, some suppliers offer large discounts on Specials, which require a certain number of Coop Members to purchase. It's an outstanding way for moms to buy affordable childrens books and other educational resources and products from a reputable source.

A second source for excellent quality childrens books at affordable prices is buying used books from Amazon and other online book stores.

I've been buying high quality used books from Amazon for 10 years without any problems. My secret is simple.

I find the book I'm looking for, and then search Used books. I note the Ranking of the Seller, and only buy from Sellers with a Ranking of 90% or higher, usually 95% or higher.

This pretty much guarantees that the book will arrive promptly and in the condition as described. On the rare occasion I was not satisfied, I returned the book, no questions asked.

Online Childrens Books

If you're wanting to buy educational childrens books online at affordable prices, ones that deal specifically with children's behavioral problems and challenges, here is a great web site with affordable childrens books.

The author of the books, as well as the creator of the web site, helps the child to see in a non-threatening way, how her behavior is not admirable and inspires her to change behavior.

The author does what my online books do, i.e., provides inspiration empowering children, a lasting gift parents and teachers give to young ones in their care.

Children who get inspired at an early age and feel empowered as a result of reading or working with a book often continue to turn to books as allies and friends on their journey through life.

Your offering your kids inspiring books will be appreciated by your children as they age and they discover they possess a skill, i.e., gaining help from books, that others don't because they spend all their extra, spare time online or in front of TVs.

Here are sample pages from one of my online childrens books, Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book about the true meaning of friendship.

This online book for kids also has a Home Schooling Unit Study on Friendship, offering 15 activities, exercises and games dealing with forgiveness, acceptance and love.

Sample pages from this online kids Unit Study.

For more information or to buy this affordable childrens book.

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