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If you're seeking educational childrens books that inspire your children with empowering and uplifting ideas, techniques, strategies as well as fun information and stuff, you're at the right place.

Although our educational book store is in its early stages, I'll offer you free sample pages for your child to explore and have fun with.

As well, you'll find a few outstanding links to online educational bookstores offering you the opportunity to buy educational chidrens books.

My favorite childrens education resources site is The Kids' Bookstore, which includes topics such as

  • Vegetarian themes
  • Spirituality
  • Environment
  • Love / growing up
  • Caring for animals
  • Feminist
  • Dr. Seuss and more.

The Bank Street College of Education offers lists of childrens books by age with brief descriptions, the author, illustrator and date published.

The National Education Association and Teachers First offers a list of the Top 100 Books Kids Love to Read as well as a link to the top 100 books as chosen by teachers.

The lists don't break the books into age groups, unfortunately, so you'll just have to pick and choose, then maybe go to Amazon or your local library to get a further description of each book and the age group it's for.

And there's no guarantee that these are educational childrens books (but the list is impressive).

Educational Book Store

If you're seeking to buy educational childrens books, some of the best of childrens education and childrens education products will be found on this web site (someday soon). As well, the above links provided you with exceptional choices.

Here's info about spiritual books for children, an important aspect in childrens education.

Here are sample pages from my childrens book on friendship plus sample exercises and activities from the home schooling unit study accompanying the book. (You'll need the free Adobe Reader for these two links, you can download it here for free.)

For more information or to purchase Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book from which the above samples are from, follow this link now. The downloadable e-Book and Unit Study on Friendship have received rave reviews from home schooling reviewers.

My educational bookstore is in its infancy but I have more educational childrens books near completion and ready for purchase.

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