Stress Management for Kids - A Key Component to Lifelong Optimum Health

When stress management for kids is taught at an early age, kids learn to deal with unhealthy stress in healthy ways.

Kids stress management minimizes the dangers of excessive, unhealthy, harmful stress.

I found this article Stress is the Part of Life. The opening sentences reads,

"In the negative sense, stress is the root cause of all problems.

Stress, in the positive sense, is the galvanizing force for all creative and constructive activities. Stress relief has to be achieved— it is both art and science!"

Stress Management for Kids - Pix of a young woman stressed out Aren't those powerful statements?

Can stress actually be "the root cause of all problems" in the negative sense?

Know it for certain there is no such thing as stress free kids.

Stress management activities for kids and helping kids cope with stress are important jobs for moms to gain a handle on.

The more moms can help reduce stress in kids, the closer their kids will feel towards them.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book The Biology of Belief reports on p.152:
"Almost every major illness that people acquire has been linked to chronic stress."

Think about that for a moment. Is there a solid, verifiable, connection between our stressed out populace and our nation's health care crisis?

Imagine the

mental and emotional health benefits for kids who learn how to handle stress effectively?

Emotionally Healthy Kids Kids learn that they have the power to be in charge of their own stress management. Do you sense how important stress management for kids is?

The following discussion about Dr. Lipton is not a diversion from stress management for kids, but a direct lead in.

I wrote about Dr. Lipton on health books for kids and briefly discussed his scientific research.

His book is easy to read and very personal. Plus, he's not full of himself as an author or scientist.

His overall theme, supported by 35 years of research and teaching, flies in the face of conventional medicine regarding how we look at and deal with health.

In essence, Dr. Lipton's research proves that we (each of us) are the drivers of our vehicles (our bodies) and we are responsible for the maintenance of our vehicle (our body).

Conventional medicine says we have no control over our vehicle and that when we get sick, we are powerless and helpless to do anything about it.

We must turn our health care over to doctors, so they can provide us with chemicals to fix our machines (our bodies).

I don't know about you, but if you look at the health care situation in our beautiful US of A, it seems as though we need new mechanics!

My personal experience validates the research Dr. Lipton describes. I've been a health researcher and experimenter for over 25 years.

And my health is now excellent. I've gone from the King of Self-Destruction in my younger years to the Prince of Joy and Gratefulness.

I nearly killed myself from booze and drugs the first 39 years of my life and have been alcohol and drug free for 25 years.

I never understood

what emotional health was. Dr Lipton does know about emotional health.

Dr. Lipton's views relate to stress management for kids because his research empowers kids to manage negative stress and remain healthy.

Stress in kids is real (if you're uncertain whether your child is suffering from excessive stress and needs stress management for kids, have them take this free stress test from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Unhealthy Stressed Out Girl Whether the stress is from

  • demands to be outstanding students or athletes,
  • being picked on or bullied,
  • anxiety,
  • sadness,
  • anger,
  • the busyness of a hectic schedule,
  • too much homework or problems with homework,
  • wanting to fit in and feeling left out, or
  • a host of other kids' challenges,
healthy means of stress management for kids is crucial.

Kids don't have to remain victims, helpless, at the mercy of whatever the environment, school and other kids throw at them.

According to a recent poll among kids, "75% of the kids surveyed said they want and need their parents' help in times of trouble.

When they're stressed, they'd like their parents to talk with them, help them solve the problem, try to cheer them up, or just spend time together."

As you teach your kids that they are the power that controls kids stress management and that stress relief for kids is within their grasp, they'll thank you the rest of their lives.

Getting them involved in

childrens health activities is one way that helps reduce stress.

The following is the specific technique I've been using to reduce my stress since March, 2003. It's been used as stress management for kids as well as ...

Stress Relief for Kids

by pioneering parents wishing to avoid potentially dangerous, harmful, side effects caused by drugs.

This technique is simple to learn, can be used anywhere, and has a solid track record of dealing effectively as stress relief for kids.

Warning: The following technique may appear weird, strange, not believable. And it is until you and your kids begin using it and seeing kids stress diminish rapidly.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an energy medicine tool that is like acupuncture for the emotions. Here's a sampling of what EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can to to provide stress relief for kids about to venture forth on a 5 day camping trip.

Click here to receive the free manual teaching you how to use EFT for stress relief for kids and stress management for kids.

EFT is an exceptionally simply yet highly effective system that works (if you use it) and can definitely help with stress management for kids.

In today's society, kids are under a lot more pressure to succeed than adults might realize.

As mentioned above, kids have busy, full lives, just like their parents. When kids have to study a lot, with excessive homework, fearful of low grades, that can cause an overload of stress.

That's why stress relief activities for kids such as sports can be so helpful (if kids aren't pressured into feeling they have to win all the time else they're losers).

Kids stress is real, and so is this tool for stress relief for kids.

When kids feel empowered, when they trust themselves to be able to manage stress, they feel better about themselves more often.

Kids with excellent mental health are more likely to to be receptive to ideas for stress management for kids.

I wish you and your kids much success in dealing with kids stress and for finding what works as stress relief for kids.

Try buying childrens books online instead of at a brick and mortar store and watch your levels of stress diminish as well.

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