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Looking for empowering kids books? My educational book store has a wide variety of educational resources and products for children.

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At the typical educational book store, you purchase everything; here, you receive complementary samples of educational coloring pages of as well as additional resources for free downloadable, printable childrens books.

Here is an excellent source of children's behavior e-Books covering such topics as

  • Craving Attention,
  • Lying,
  • Cooperative Play,
  • Poutiness, and
  • Scared to Sleep Alone
that you can buy from the author's online educational book store.

Educational Childrens Books Online

One of the best online sources for educational kids books is Kind Books, Moral Education and Healthy Foods for Kids. These education book for children come from Russia yet you can also buy e-Books as well.

Interested in spiritual books for children?

Searching for educational childrens books online? Check out these educational childrens books as well as the first 9 pages from my own Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book that kids color and draw their own illustrations while learning skills for making and keeping friends.

The accompanying Friendship Unit Study, a home school curriculum unit study, teaches the important character education traits needed for friendship, including

  • forgiveness,
  • acceptance,
  • love and
  • gratitude.

One of the most important character traits of extraordinary leaders, for example, as well as loving moms and dads, is a person's practice of forgiveness.

Here's rhyming verse from one of my books:

Forgiveness Grows Peace

Apologize and accept apologies,
forgive and forget;
this no-cost insurance policy
banishes hurt and regret.

Forgiving is an act of strength,
it fortifies your heart.
You get the gift of love and grace
to launch a brand new start.

If you hunger peace,
want an end to inner war,
grow forgiveness as the flagship
of your own peace corps.

Samples from friendship unit study and more info for purchasing Bingo and Bonner. You'll find Holiday Specials: 2 for 1 as well.

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