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Education websites for kids offer a smorgasbord of education

  • resources,
  • products,
  • books,
  • coloring pages and coloring books, and
  • activities for kids.

Educational web sites for kids may offer an educational book store as well as free printable childrens books or educational coloring pages.

Check out Educational Websites for Kids - The KidsKnowIt Network for a popular and totally free web site that offers educational learning in

  • Astronomy,
  • Biology,
  • Dinosaurs,
  • Geography,
  • Geology,
  • Math,
  • Memory and
  • Spelling

Here's a direct quote from

Our fun and educational games, activities, worksheets, free online classes, and much much more, make learning fun. At The KidsKnowIt Network we provide accurate, updated, and fun information for you and your student.

Education websites for kids like The KidsKnowIt Network offer inspiration empowering children with knowledge, facts and information to help round out a child's learning and educational experience.

Equally important, education web sites for kids can empower children with practical, usable skills and techniques to navigate their way through the world to achieve what each child desires.

Kids, according to Maria Montessori, respected Italian educator, states that kids are like sponges from the time they're born until 6 years old, absorbing into their consciousness whatever they are exposed to.

That is why it's important to your children's lifelong learning and success to discover exceptional, creative, inspiring...

Educational Kids Books.

Educational childrens books have a special quality to them, they offer something unique and special to your child, they provide inspiration.

Not all educational kids books are created equal.

Some education websites for kids, which is what Childrens Educational Books is, offers books that nurture childrens hearts as well as their minds.

For example, our first educational childrens book online empowers children with skills in making and keeping friends.

It deals with important character traits such as forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

You can find sample pages from Bingo and Bonner, a unique book that allows kids to draw their interpretations of each page of the picture book quality story, here.

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