Free Printable Childrens Books - Where Else But Online is This Possible?

Especially for homeschooling and work at home moms, finding excellent free printable childrens books online is an extraordinary blessing.

One of the best sources I've found lists a variety of websites, with brief descriptions, that offer free ebooks for you to download and read.

Each site has a variety of authors for you to select from. They claim to have researched the legality of downloading and printing the books. Check out this excellent site for free printable childrens books.

I clicked on one and found a childrens books I had completely forgotten about that I loved when I was a teenager. It's Animal Farm by George Orwell, and so I began reading the first chapter, which reminded me of one of the themes I write about in some of my books, i.e., respect for animals.

If your kids love animals, and they haven't read this, if they're old enough, I'd guess 10 or so, Animal Farm is a must.

The story shows how animals perceive their lot in life, and opened my horizons to a whole new way of viewing animals.

Online Printable Childrens Books - Links to More Public Domain Free Books

If you're looking for more online printable childrens books, you'll find a few links taking you to excellent sources of free printable childrens books.

Never before have so many of us had such extensive access to books written over 75 years ago as well as being able to read these from the comforts of our home (especially during rainy, cold, snowy, icy weather like we have here in CT during winter.)

Follow the link to see what types of printable activity books with free sample pages that Childrens Educational Books creates.

We've created a new concept in kids activity books that your artistic child might enjoy, samples at printable coloring page.

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