Common Ways to Make Friends

There are many ways to make friends, whether you’re a youngster just starting daycare or a grandma whose phone rings off the hook and has an active social life.

Making friends is mostly about your attitude and how you relate to yourself and others.

The best way to make friends with other people is to start by making friends with yourself.

Similarities create friendship's while differences hold them together. ---Author Unknown

You have to know what's important to you and what you value. Otherwise, you try too hard to please others to fit in and have friends.

But you pay the price for fitting in.


  • stomach knots,
  • insides growl,
  • heart often pounds fast and
  • you don't really like yourself.

Regardless of what age you do this, it doesn't make for lasting friendships.

It’s crucial for your peace of mind and sanity that you learn to deepen your friendship with the most important friend you have and will ever have, i.e., yourself.

How do you become friends with yourserlf you might be wondering?

Especially since this is about ways to make friends for kids, how do kids get to know themselves?

Are my kids too young to be thinking like this?

Kids who know their values know themselves.

Moms who model character traits they want their kids to live by set the example. It’s up to moms and teachers to show kids by their actions, not their words.

Most moms want their kids to be

  1. responsible,
  2. respectful,
  3. kind,
  4. caring,
  5. honest,
  6. friendly,
  7. helpful,
  8. considerate,
  9. happy,
  10. good,
  11. healthy, and
  12. popular.

So how do kids become these qualities and traits?

Besides setting a good example, there are character education programs, character education activities for kids, character traits of extraordinary leaders and character traits of successful people that kids learn from.

how to make new friends

Childrens Friendships - Ways to Make and Keep Friends

What are signs of being friendly and what can kids and children do to be friendly?

What are specific ways to make friends that work?

Being friendly means you

  1. say hello and goodbye to people
  2. thank people for things they do for you
  3. ask people about themselves and listen to their answers
  4. help people by opening car doors, house doors, and things like that
  5. go out of your way for people
  6. rake leaves for an elderly lady
  7. you might volunteer at your local hospital or church group
  8. raise funds for your church or synagogue through car washes, walk-a-thons, yard sales, book sales, etc.
  9. you smile at others.

Also, you can show one of your friends how much you care about her by

  1. washing dishes for her mom
  2. setting the table for dinner when visiting
  3. making breakfast for your friend once a month
  4. helping her to clean her room (let me know how this goes!)
  5. helping her friend's dad to wash his car.

Additionally, there are friendship books for children and ideas you can gain from studying the importance of friendship or the true meaning of friendship.

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