Character Traits of Successful People - Two Important Factors to Consider

When discussing character traits of successful people, it's important to understand that each of us has a different definition of success.

Our definition of success causes us to focus on specific character traits we deem crucial in making us successful.

For example, an athlete's list of character traits she deems most important might include:

  1. perseverance,
  2. determination,
  3. optimism,
  4. health conscious,
  5. bold,
  6. confident, and
  7. fearless
to name a few.

Where as a teacher's list of character traits of successful people is more likely to include:

  1. accepting,
  2. adaptable,
  3. compassionate,
  4. dedicated,
  5. caring,
  6. enthusiastic, and
  7. kind
to name a few.

Rather than me just giving you a specific list of character traits of successful people, let me help you in figuring out your own list of character traits for success.

It begins and ends with how you define success.

One person's definition of success may be to have

  1. lots of free time to use as she pleases,
  2. enough financial resources to buy whatever food she wants and to live in whatever part of the world she chooses,
  3. the ability to be her own boss,
  4. time to exercise and meditate daily, and
  5. a wide assortment of creative and spiritually minded friends.

If your definition of success is fame and fortune, and you and the above-person both say you are examples of character traits of successful people, you both are right.

For example, if fame and fortune are your driving motivators, you may find yourself a prisoner of what I call fluff.

You may find you have no time for deep friendships, your spiritual life may be bankrupt, your health may be horrible, and you may have no system for stress management.

It's wise to determine for yourself what you mean by success before you seek out and cultivate your own character traits rather than simply following character traits of successful people whose meaning of success has nothing to do with yours.

Because the list of character traits that I deem most important may differ dramatically from your list.

Yet what I deem important is pretty much irrelevant to what you consider important.

The Lazy Person's Guide to Success is an outstanding book about success (I gave the book to my nephew for college graduation, but could have given it to him when he was in high school).

The author is far from lazy, however, his definition of success includes being able to do what he wants when he wants to do it. He definitely does not follow the standardized path most people trod.

On page 41, the author Ernie Zelinski, states: "Undoubtedly, the most serious mistake people make is failing to define success in the most personal way....With no such definition, you will have no distinct goals and dreams to pursue."

On the same page, he further states: "Success should constitute all the things that will make you happy in life. These include

  1. meaningful work,
  2. mental, physical and spiritual health,
  3. friendship,
  4. love,
  5. security,
  6. peace of mind, and
  7. plenty of free time."

Here's an extensive list of character traits.

You might have your kids browse and review the list to get an idea of what is important to them.

Helping them to define success at an early stage in their life is valuable because it guides their actions and choices along the way.

A child who wants to remain healthy and strong will think twice if offered alcohol and drugs.

A child who knows she wants to feel close to our Creator is more apt to adapt what she considers...

Good Character Traits versus Bad Character Traits

Here are some suggestions and ideas about teaching character traits that also has a link to free character education lessons.

Life has an interesting way of teaching us character education lessons if we're interested in self-growth and self-actualization.

Not to fret, I'm not about to guide you in that direction now, except to say that often times we may have bad character traits but as we age, we transform them to good character traits.

As a kid, I was very irresponsible, stole money from my parents, robbed food from grocery stores, began getting drunk at age 13.

However, life smacked upside the head and heart and I changed.

If your child exhibits a character trait that is less than worthy of her, be patient and continue your loving ways.

Love is what we all seek, and often times a bad character trait is merely a cry for help.

If you want more info on character traits, visit character education lessons.

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