Friendship Books for Children - Learning How to Be a Friend

Friendship books for children can help children understand how to be a good friend. Being a good friend is not always easy unless you are a good friend to yourself.

Why is it so important for kids to know how to be a good friend?

As hard as it may be to accept, a lot of people have no good friends. They live lonely lives, shut off from society, suffering a sadness that comes with being so all alone.

Everyone, kids and adults, needs at least one other person they can

  • share their life challenges and heartaches,
  • joys and successes, and
  • just be themselves with.

Some of my friends established childrens friendships and maintain the friendships today, fifty years later (OK, I'm dating myself).

Some of my mother's friends in their late 80s and 90s have friends from high school, and attend high school reunions yearly.

Are childrens friendships made easy? Excellent question.

Good friends trust each other, they can rely on the other person to be there for them, to go the "extra mile" if needed.

It takes time to develop trust, though kids are open and accepting.

True friends care for each other and stand by one another. If one of the friends is in trouble, the other friend is there to help out, sometimes at their own expense.

Good friends learn to accept their friend for who they are, both their good qualities and their negative qualities.

Good friends just like being with their friend, they like doing things together, they like sharing.

They know how to forgive one another when something happens that causes a problem in the friendship. Books for children that can inspire and show kids how to be a good friend help kids develop healthy friendships.

So what are some good...

Books About Friendship?

I found excellent friendship books for children at Education World.

The authors of the various books about friendship use kids and animals in a variety of different settings to show what often happens when friendships falter.

At times, it's very hard to put your friend's interests over your own. This is one challenge we all struggle with in our friendships.

Some books for children show the transformation a character in the book experiences before realizing how important their best friend is inspires children to do the same.

Friendship childrens books might be books where kids work together on projects from activity books for children and develop a friendship.

Learning activity books and childrens books on sharing that kids share with classmates or home schooling mates foster not only friendship but cooperation as well.

In fact, our Bingo and Bonner, a fun coloring activity book about the true meaning of friendship, allows kids to both color in black and white illustrations AND create their own illustrations, all on the same page.

This friendship book for children shows the importance of accepting your friend for who she is, and not limiting the friendship by your own thoughts.

Here's sample pages of a printable, learning, art activity book for kids Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book, as well as sample activities and exercises from the Friendship Unit Study that accompanies it.

For more details or to purchase Bingo and Bonner and Friendship Unit Study.

Budget minded, busy (I know, all moms are busy and budget minded) homeschooling mom, check out free homeschooling unit studies.

Here are examples of spiritual books for children, of which friendship books for children is one variety.

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