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One key tip to making friends is learning to be a good friend.

To be a good friend to another, you must first become a good friend to yourself.

That means understanding the importance of friendship and applying it first to yourself, then to others.

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When you grasp the true meaning of friendship, and how much you receive in friendship, it becomes easier to make and keep friends.

An important tip on making friends that you'll use over and over again, is in accepting others for whom they are.

In other words, we each are unique individuals with our own destiny in life.


  • how we look,
  • the clothes we wear,
  • our hairstyles,
  • how much money we have in the bank,
  • how talented an athlete we are, or how smart we seem,
all are unimportant if we don't have love in our hearts and respect for others, just as they are.

Here's a quote I found at an excellent site for friendship quotes.

Life is nothing without friendship.---Marcus T. Cicero c. 106-43 BC, Great Roman Orator, Politician

Here are some ways to make friends as well as another tip on making friends.

The more you give in a friendship, the more you receive.

Giving, as long as you keep healthy boundaries and the giving isn't out of desperation or fear of losing the friendship, guarantees happiness.

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