Extraordinary Friendship Childrens Books

I know you're looking for friendship childrens books that show your kids the importance of friendship and how to make new friends.

As a parent, you want your kids to have friendship making and keeping skills so your kids enjoy the benefits of having at least one close friend.

Obviously, you know what I'm talking about and I'm certain you'll empower your kids with attitudes and ways to make friends that they use throughout life.

Let's start by reviewing some exceptional friendship childrens books.

Dog and Bear (Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Winner-Best Picture Book) by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Ages 4-8

This delightful book takes kids on 3 simple journeys of two friends.

It shows dog and bear, best friends, and how they

  1. trust each other,
  2. want to be with each other, though not every single minute of the day, and
  3. care about each other.

Vibrant illustrations accompany this heart-felt expression of the true meaning of friendship. It's a wonderful book about friendship.

Childrens books, at least unusual friendship childrens books, have a way of cutting right to the heart and expressing what's most important in life.

Dog and Bear does this well!

How to Make New Friends

The next childrens friendship books will be for younger kids.

Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes, Ages 4-8, Paperback: 32 pages, Publisher: HarperCollins; Pap/Cas edition (September 22, 1997).

How to Make New Friends Two youngsters, Chester and Wilson, are best friends with rigid habits. They

  • do everything together,
  • share Christmas lists,
  • want the same things,
  • eat the same food,
they're well, "like peas in a pod."

Then, free-wheeling, independent spirited Lilly moves into the neighborhood.

And everything changes!

A charming story about how friendships change and adapt to new possibilities: Wilson and Chester respond to Lilly's attempts at friendship with flexibility and acceptance, two of the key traits necessary in making and keeping friends.

I won't spoil the ending for you, as all three have a major surprise in store.

Here are some lists of friendships books for children.

Here are additional reviews for friendship books for children, two for younger kids and one for ages 9 and up, i.e. book reviews for childrens books.

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