How To Live The Meaning of Christmas Every Day

How can the meaning of Christmas live in your hearts every day? Well, almost every day at least.

What would you gain from that?

What makes Christmas so special?

You love Christmas because your heart opens wide with feelings of giving and goodwill.

You remember those less fortunate and reach out to help.

You love the feeling of the holidays and that this is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Can you bring that meaning, the feeling of being loved, the feeling of caring for others, into your life on a regular basis?

What would it take to live with the Chritsmas spirit daily?

What is the spirit of Christmas? Christmas is

  • love,
  • faith,
  • God’s love for us,
  • caring for others,
  • sharing with loved ones,
  • giving gifts of the heart and gifts you buy,
  • family gatherings,
  • sharing egg nog and putting gifts under the Christmas tree,
  • the Christmas wreath,
  • decorating the tree, the list is endless.

Mostly, it’s about this special time that comes only once a year and won’t we ruin that day by trying to bring the Christmas spirit into our daily lives?

I don't think we'll ruin Christmas by learning to live with the Christmas spirit every day.

Didn’t Jesus say that "to return to the kingdom of Heaven, you must become like a child of 40 days?

A child of 40 days is

  • innocent,
  • open,
  • loving,
  • dependent on mom and others,
  • trusting,
  • giving,
  • satisfied once she's fed and her diapers are clean.

Think about how much stuff a young child has.

Now think do kids really need all the stuff they get/have to be happy and loving?

Don’t kids know how to enjoy themselves with simple pleasures and making up creative ways to have fun?

Aren’t kids naturally sharing and giving, before they learn about mine, mine mine?

Kids can teach us how to bring Christmas into our lives all the time.

Follow these steps to live the meaning of Christmas every day.

Step 1: Slow up.

Step 2: Cook meals together.

Step 3: Read books together.

Step 4: Play in the snow or hike in the woods or desert together.

Step 5: Clean the house together.

Step 6: Throw out stuff we don’t need together.

Step 7: Simplify, simplify, simplify some more.

How much do we really need is the question we must ask ourselves regularly.

Can we live on less and find the meaning of Christmas grows in our hearts, because we’re reverting to values not based on material comsumption?

Wouldn’t it be nice to share love more without needing a credit card to do so?

How about getting out of debt?

The one factor you really need to look at in bringing the meaning of Christmas into daily living is how open to love is your heart?

Do you love yourself enough to see that stuff only satisfies for a few moments, where love lasts forever and is an ongoing feeling?

Follow the above steps and bring the meaning of christams into daily living.

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