Health Books for Kids Begins a Lifelong Health Insurance Plan

When health books for kids are part of children's educational books, parents gift their kids with life changing ideas and inspiration.

There are so many health concerns for kids these days that teaching kids about health and taking responsibility for their health at an early age is wise.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., though not written for kids, is one of the most important health books for kids, (actually older kids in their teens) that you should consider investing in.

This book debunks the myth that we are victims of our genes (p.50 - 52, The Biology of Belief). The author, through scientific experiments with cells, proves how our environment and our thoughts determine our lives, including our health.

"That's a mighty big claim," you're thinking. "How come I haven't heard about this in the news?"

Here's a quote that helps answer your question:
“The growing person is an uncomfortable reminder of the greater human potential that each of us might realize if we had the guts.”—(p. 125-126, Practicing Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton, Ph.D.)

If you've read this far, you are a growing person, not afraid of new truths.

You may be hearing this for the first time because the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, most conventional, established scientists don't accept the science that Dr. Lipton presents.

They have a difficult time allowing new ideas into their lives that go against their way of thinking.

Don't you miss out on one of the most exciting health books for kids you'll ever be exposed to.

The following quote is from Charles Darwin, considered the Father of Evolution, that appeared in a letter to his brother, found in Charles Darwin: Life and Letters, published 1888.

"In my opinion, the greatest error (my quotes) which I have committed has been not allowing sufficient weight to the direct action of the environments , i.e. food, climate, etc., independently of natural selection...

When I wrote the "Origin," and for some years afterwards, I could find little good evidence of the direct action of the environment; now, there is a large body of evidence."

Thus, parents and kids can no longer simply blame their genes for bad health. Kids health education takes on a new light when kids are responsible for their health.

How to Share Health Books for Kids with Them

The most challenging aspect of introducing health books for kids to kids is that kids know intuitively and instinctively if their parent's and teacher's behavior contradicts the health topics and info being offered.

Thus, the more that parents, especially homeschooling parents who are introducing a health learning program for kids, can practice what they preach, the greater likelihood of kids developing a lifelong respect for health books.

For kids to begin a healthy lifestyle, they must feel inspired, it must be fun, they must grasp how critical their health is to living a happy, successful life.

The sooner kids begin to appreciate the magnificence of the human body, the sooner kids will respect their body. Then, they will want to put only high octane food into their most precious vehicle.

A few years ago, I took my nephew to see the movie Super Size Me, "an irreverent look at obesity in America and one of its sources - fast food corporations."

Super Size Me is one man's 30 day consumption of nothing except foods from McDonalds. It's a fascinating study, with medical doctors involved, about what happens to his human body during the month.

Well, my nephew was shocked by watching the affects of fast food and the health info he learned. He changed his eating habits dramatically, eliminating almost all fast foods. If you and your family haven't seen the movie, it's a health project worth your viewing time.

Another idea is a health project for kids to learn about all the organs in their bodies. An excellent place to start...

Teaching Kids About Health and Their Body Parts

is the popular, well respected site that can serve as a health lesson for kids. It can be found at human anatomy on-line , a place for fun, interactive and educational views of the human body.

The more we each understand that our body is the greatest invention ever conceived, the more we begin to appreciate and honor our body.

When you stop and think for a moment about all of what our bodies do for us on their own, without us asking for it, it's staggering.

From the way our heart pumps and lungs breathe, to the most minutest of details like growing hair and teeth, our body is a miracle in action. It's worthy of our love and respect and honoring it through healthy habits.

Kids might become interested in reading articles about kids health or health books for kids once they discover that the thoughts they think and the foods they ingest play a big role in determining their physical and mental health as kids and as adults.

The biggest challenge you may have is finding excellent health books for kids. The reason for this is that we as a nation (USA) are one of the least healthiest of nations.

We are just beginning to learn about preventive health care, about the importance of viewing each person holistically, i.e., with body, mind, and spirit needs.

The situation today is far worse than when a lot of the boomers and seniors were kids growing up. There was far less use of pesticides and agricultural poisons entering our bodies than now.

There were no Genetically Modified Foods when I was a kid.

Teaching kids about health must include information about the potential dangers that exist from daily consumption of foods with high pesticide doses and/or that are genetically modified.

Here's a summary from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - United States) of some of the problems kids are exposed to from pesticides.

One statement from this summary:
"EPA is undertaking a screening and testing program to address concerns expressed by scientists in recent years that chemicals might be disrupting the endocrine system -- the glands and the hormones they produce that guide the development, growth, reproduction, and behavior of human beings and animals.
Disruption of the endocrine system may result in reproductive disorders, birth defects, immune suppression, and other harmful effects."

Now, if I were a parent, I'd be very concerned about the food I serve my children. Kids are at extra risk because their bodies are just beginning to form.

Is it possible there are so many kids health problems because of pesticides and other unknown ingredients in the foods kids consume?

Health books for kids that gently emphasizes the risks kids face without worrying kids are crucial.

Books for raising healthy kids, if they're fun and not preachy, inspire kids to want to care for their bodies.

Teaching kids about health with our ...

Health Book for Kids

looks to empower kid's hearts while inspiring their minds.

Here's a sample page from one of our online health books for kids that does that Printable Coloring Pages for Kids.

This is a big file, because of the color cover. Be patient, you'll be happy you were.

These pages allow kids to create their own illustrations while reading a picture book quality story about how new farmers resolve conflict peacefully with caterpillars destroying their cabbage patch.

Did you and your kids like the sample pages from our health books for kids? (Didn't try them, you still have time, they're worth a peek.)

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