Mental and Emotional Health Benefits

Kids who reap, consciously or unconsciously, mental and emotional health benefits become mentally and emotionally healthy adults.

The sooner you empower your kids to express their feelings in healthy ways, the sooner kids discover how important it is to be brave enough to get their true feelings out in the open.

From what I've been told, with younger kids, this is not always that hard, but as kids age, they tend to feel peer pressure and have that desire to fit in.

Thus, they may often hide their true feelings, they may stuff their feelings, they may use TV, computers, food and other substances to cover up any hurt or anger, disappointment or sadness, they may be feeling.

Kids who tend to worry a lot may need reassurance from you to help them to access mental and emotional health benefits.

There are techniques and attitudes that you can empower your kids with that help them with their mental health.

Journaling for Emotional Health Works for Adults

Therapists and creativity experts know that writing on a regular basis is an excellent way to get your feelings out in the open.

In order for kids to journal, they must feel their journals are private and confidential, for their eyes alone.

It also must be fun for kids.

Here's a brief, excellent article on journaling for kids.

Older children might consider what the advice that Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way suggests to adults, which is writing 3 pages a day of what she calls morning pages.

She says that writing the pages in longhand has more benefits than using the computer. Also, writing the pages around the same time each day, preferably in the morning (there is a reason they're called morning pages) helps you gain clarity and feel lighter early on during your day.

By writing whatever you want, and not censoring it (these pages are for you and no one else), sooner or later you write about what is really bothering and upsetting you.

In order to reap mental and emotional health benefits, it's crucial our feelings see the light of day.

You feel better, you have a greater ability to live in the present without being absorbed by the past, you experience more inner and outer peace the more you honor your feelings and emotions.

Child Emotional Health - The Key to Lifelong Success

I was an emotionally unbalanced, feelings stuffing, messed up youngster. My habits followed me until I changed them in my early 40s.

The more help you give your kids in dealing with their emotions, the greater chance they have for lifelong success (however you define success).

I feel that emotional health and emotional intelligence is far more important than intellectual health.

It's easy to become educated about something, not so easy to share your vulnerable feelings. Especially if you're a male.

One of the benefits of exercising is that feelings of depression and stress fly out the window. Inspire your child to exercise often and watch her mental and emotional health benefits soar.

If stress is a challenge for your child, emotional health stress management assistance is available.

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