Childrens Health Activites - Want Good Health for Your Kids? Feed Them Right, Keep Them Active, Nurture Their Hearts & Spirits

Childrens health activities inspire kids to live healthy lives as adults. A child who develops healthy living habits has a greater chance to live healthy as an adult.

Each of us has a mind, a body and a spirit. Each part needs to be healthy for us to be healthy people.

One way to have a healthy mind is to feed it uplifting, inspiring, empowering words, whether from

  • articles about childrens health,
  • childrens health products,
  • websites about childrens health,
  • health books for kids, or
  • childrens health sites.

Oops, I forgot a source: What if kids were to read healthy living quotes?

Might not inspiration propel your kids to the playground or backyard for a health activity?

When I hear or read a healthy living quote my heart lights up and I gain hope.

I believe it's possible to live healthy and experience joy and happiness, without suffering so many pains and illnesses, without needing as many anxiety treatments.

Healthy living quotes change the way you deal with stress changes, as your beliefs change.

The first healthy living quote comes from The Interview with God.

"God is asked what surprises Him the most about humanity. He answers:

People lose their health to make money.
Then, they lose their money to restore health."

The quote gently reminds us of our priorities. Remember, that when we leave this earth plane, we take nothing with us. All our material possessions, all the money we've amassed, all our friends and relations, remain behind.

Ask yourself if you've been stressing yourself to the detriment of your health, whether it's for a relationship, to be more financially successful, or whatever it is you're unhappy about not having.

How do your own personal belief systems and ways of living affect your child's health?

The more you incorporate childrens health activites into daily living, the healthier the whole family.

If you're feeling stressed out, consider a different approach to life, one that doesn't rob you of personal wellness. You might become more grateful for what you have, knowing and accepting it's enough in the moment.

As you strive for what you want, as you seek keys to healthy living and the secrets of healthy living, you'll be more content in the present moment, which strengthens your whole body, mind and spirit.

Isn't inspiring your children to be content one of the most important childrens health activites you can teach them?

Being content in the now is a one of the many healthy living principles you and your kids can learn to live with.

When you've searched far and wide for info on healthy living, remember one thing: you make the key decisions, moment by moment, about developing a healthy living trend or continuing the sickness trend.

Childrens Health Problems- A Simple Idea on How to Minimize and Avoid Them

A second healthy living quote concerns the power of our thoughts:

"Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry. A happier, healthier body. Negative thoughts and stress ...seriously degrade the body."
(P. 133, Dr. John Hagelin, The Secret).

Can it really be as simple as Dr. Hagelin states, i.e., that being happy makes us healthy?

Is their deep wisdom in the above healthy living quote that bypasses so many of us?

What if one your childrens health activites is to do things that make your kids happy?

Our cells have brains, according to Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. They respond to the thoughts we think. When we're happy, our cells are happy. When our cells are happy, our biochemistry is happy and our bodies are healthy.

The keys to healthy living are accessible and within reach. The essential concepts for healthy living involve how we treat our bodies, minds, and spirits. (I know, I'm repeating myself but this is IMPORTANT).

Wouldn't your child avoid many childrens health problems by being happy?

If you want to help your child nurture her heart, both physically and emotionally, you might gain a new perspective at heart health for kids.

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