Childrens Books on Pollution - Empowering Kids to Care for Mother Earth

Childrens books on pollution that don't scare kids or frighten them can instead empower children to have a healthy respect for our precious planet.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health (NIH, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offers an extensive series of free coloring pages and PDF e-Books dealing with a wide range of environmental issues for young kids.

I read through Auntie Pollution Coloring Book and even if you don't want your child to color it, it's one of their excellent childrens books on pollution.

The center for Science and Environmental Outreach in Upper Peninsuka, Michigan, recommends the following childrens books on pollution for k-12.

I haven't read or researched this list, except for reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

This is one of his empowering and inspiring rhyming verse stories that gets right to the heart of the problem with pollution.

Our greed often causes us to take shortcuts, be short sighted, care only for money and not the environment.

The Lorax is the main character in the book, and he tries to stop unlimited and expansive growth occurring at the expense of the trees, who he says he is the spokes man for, because trees can't speak.

The Lorax is a must read for any program involved in...

Kids Environmental Education

If you want to see what kids are doing in their schools and communities to help protect our environment, visit Green Squad (, "a project of the Natural Resources Defense Council, in collaboration with the Healthy Schools Network."

The link above takes you to the Green Squad Library,where you will find fact sheets for kids.

Kids environmental education is important because it affects many aspects of kid's lives, especially their health and well being.

Kids who learn about pollution may choose foods, for example, that aren't grown with pesticides, because kids see the damaging affects of pesticides on the environment and kids aren't stupid.

On health facts for kids you can discover some of the results of environmental pollution on the weakening of our immune systems, our bodies defense against disease and illness.

In Spring, 2009, I'll be publishing as an e-Book Joey's Cabbage Patch, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book originally published as a soft cover book for kids ages 6-9 about caterpillars destroying a cabbage patch and how farmers and caterpillars reached a peaceful solution.

It had rave reviews.

Joey's Cabbage Page allows kids to create their own illustrations based on their understanding of the words on each page. Border designs on each page plus a beautiful 4 color cover inspire kids drawings.

For sample pages check out Joey's Cabbage Page.

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