Kids Environmental Education - Discovering How the Environment Affects Our Lives

Kids environmental education plays an important role in how children relate to Mother Earth as adults. Kids who learn to respect and honor our precious earth and resources when young carry these values into their adulthood.

Nowadays, with

  • global warming,
  • poisoning of our lakes and rivers,
  • excessive use of pesticides and chemicals,
  • polluted air,
just to name a few problems, it's not only wise but necessary to inform our kids of the environmental challenges we all face.

Yet, can we do so without frightening our kids?

Are there environmental books for kids and websites about environmental education for kids that gently inform without scaring kids?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - USA) has created an environmental website for kids that explains the problems and inspires action on how kids can make things better.

Depending upon where you live and the choices you make, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the foods you eat all may have foreign particles in them that adversely affect you and your families health.

Kids environmental education impacts directly directly kids health, more now than ever before.

The more aware kids are of environmental issues, the more they can make choices to minimize the adverse affects of our environment and improve their health.

My interest in the environment goes back to 1976, when I began 3 years of fighting against nuclear power plants in California.

I lived in San Luis Obispo and helped to organize grass roots, non-violent, direct action campaigns to prevent Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant from going into operation.

Local residents paid greater attention to kids environmental education after we provided statistics from towns that housed nuclear plants near schools.

These schools had higher than normal rates of leukemia and there was a direct link made between the routine release of toxic chemicals into the air from the way the nuclear plants are constructed.

Although we failed to keep Diablo (which means devil in Spanish closed) shut down because of the astronomical amount of money invested in it, I learned that kids environmental education is necessary for well-rounded children.

On health books for kids, there is a link about half-way down the page that takes you to another page of the EPA, this one describing the dangers of pesticides and the harm they can cause kids.

As moms, you love your kids more than yourselves. The more you keep educating yourself about the dangers that exist in the environment that you have some control over , and the more you discover the ...

Health Info for Kids

that is available, the greater the foundation for optimum lifelong health you give your most precious ones.

In the USA, we are in the midst of a health revolution that is changing the face of medicine forever. Millions of people are discovering they must take responsibility for their own health by educating themselves about their bodies, minds and spirits.

Just this morning I read in the local Hartford Courant about a science researcher with traditional medical credentials at the University of Connecticut who proved conclusively that "Therapeutic Touch performed by trained energy healers significantly stimulated the growth of bone and tendon cells in lab dishes."

If you're not familiar with Therapeutic Touch, it is: "a non-sectarian form of laying on of hands developed in the United States by Dr. Dolores Kreiger. It focuses on the therapist’s "intent’ to promote healing through the transfer and manipulation of subtle energies."

Therapeutic Touch is just one type of alternative medicine health information for kids. Using Therapeutic Touch gives your family options if traditional medicine doesn't offer solutions to health problems your kids may some day face.

I've experienced many forms of energy medicine, with great personal results. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for example has helped me to manage stress when I'm in overly stressful situations.

I wrote my Master's thesis on Wellness Education in the Corporation.

The thesis proved with statistics that companies who value their employees as their most important assets and offer them health info, are those companies drastically reducing health care costs, lowering absenteeism and increasing productivity.

The reason kids environmental education plays such a big part when considering health info for kids is that never before has so many chemicals, additives, preservatives, and the like been added to the foods and drinks kids consume daily.

And never before has there been such obesity, high incidences of diabetes, and other diseases rampant among our youngsters.

Environmental books for kids

There is an excellent article on the importance of kids environmental education.

The article states that kids environmental education "nurtures kids sense of wonder, creativity and imagination", which is something our Read-Me, Draw-Me Book drawing coloring pages does.

Are you interested in free sample pages from my environmental book for kids, to be published Spring, 2009?

Do you like the idea of your child learning about the environment gently, in a non-threatening, non-frightening way?

If you answered Yes to one or both of these questions, check out the above link, then return to kids environmental education and fill out the form that follows.

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