Childrens Books on Self Esteem - Your Child's Future Begins and Ends with Her Feeling Good About Herself

Childrens Books on Self Esteem offer children inspiring, empowering information for lifelong success, however you define success.

Children with low self-esteem become adults with low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem don't respect or love themselves enough to create healthy habits.

With a healthy self-esteem and feeling good about yourself, you accept and honor yourself for who you are. Then, your chances for living a contented life increase dramatically.

Here's some rhyming verse, Honor Who You Are, from my book HeartMinders (I make no claims of literary merit but it is fun):

"Be who you is, not who you ain't,
‘cause if you ain't who you is, you is who you ain't."
When you ain't who you is, and you is who you ain't,
your voice is meek, your heart faint.
Your wear many a mask that snuffs out your light;
instead of feeling joyous, your life's a fright.

Be-ing who you is reduces whine time;
your heart dances madly, your light it does shine.
The world craves your heart to be loving and strong,
to follow your bliss, to sing your own song.

As each of us sings our heart's unique song,
magically, with grace,
we right our own wrongs.

The more your child sees she is a unique child of a Loving Creator, a Creator who loves us unconditionally all the time, the more your child will like herself.

Childrens books on self esteem can pave the way for your child to experience a healthy self-esteem as a child and thus continue on as an adult.

Your child's health is dependent upon her self-esteem. The more a person loves herself, the more she knows how to care for herself AND the more she does care for herself.

Childrens books on self esteem can play a part in this. But creating situations where you child excels is even more important.

To give your child a start on building her self-esteem, look for good ...

Kids Education Programs

that include childrens books on self esteem or offer exercises and activities promoting a deeper sense of self-worth.

Kids with high self-esteem become teens with high self-esteem and then adults. Parents play a key role in developing a kid's self-esteem, not so much by offering childrens books on self esteem, BUT by the parent's words and actions towards their kids.

When I self-published Joey's Cabbage Patch, it turns out that parents and educators, homeschoolers and their parents, liked the built-in kids education program that is part of the book.

Joey's Cabbage Patch allows kids who like to draw and illustrate to deepen their self-esteem. They create their own unique illustrations based on their understanding of the words on each page.

Here are sample pages (scroll half way down or so for the link) for you and your kids to play with and have fun.

It is one of the childrens books on self-esteem to be made available soon that deals with self-esteem indirectly by providing activities kids can feel good about accomplishing.

However, as stated on printable coloring page, kids must want to draw and illustrate.

If a child is fearful and it's too much of a stretch to draw without the lines and figures that kids coloring pages typically come with, you may be better off not having your child draw them.

Parents of kids who use Waldorf homeschool curriculum will definitely love our gently, expansive, Read-Me, Draw-Me Books,.

Our printable kids activity books can also be considered as books for raising healthy children.

We don't offer theory or ideas. Our books simply allow opportunities for kids to feel good about themselves. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Did you print out those sample printable coloring drawing pages for your child? Like them?

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Want to see how art projects for kids inspire creativity as part of childrens books on self esteem?

Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book is about the true meaning of friendship, acceptance, forgiveness and self-love.

Although not originally written as a childrens books on self esteem, now that the Unit Study on Friendship accompanying the book is complete, I see it fits into the category.(The above links gives you sample activities of the Unit Study).

For more info, to view free sample pages, or to purchase Bingo and Bonner.

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