Kids Health Food Builds Kids' Muscles, Strengthens Their Heart and Fortifies Their Immune System

What comes to your mind when you think kids health food?

Do you think about the healthy meals you love making or does guilt plague you for not having time to prepare more healthy meals for your kids?

Do you wonder is organic food better?

From my perspective, understanding the importance of feeding your kids organic food is the #1 most important consideration when thinking about kids health food.

Especially when you remember kids are just forming their basic eating habits and helping them to build healthy and strong bodies at a young, early age can save thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Scroll half way down health books for kids to read a summary of the harmful effects pesticide spraying has on kids' bodies.

As an experiment, if you're unaccustomed to purchasing organic foods for kids, here's a simple taste test that answers the question is organic food better.

I steamed broccoli for my mother recently. This was the first time I'd purchased organic broccoli for mom, as she feels it's too expensive to spend the extra money.

She's 90 years old. She's not overly concerned with the dangers of what's in her food. She just wants it to taste good.

Biting into the broccoli, she exclaimed over and over how good it tasted! She never says that when eating pesticide-rich, non-organic broccoli.

The following week, I steamed butternut squash, her favorite. She sprinkles brown sugar on top, then added butter and salt. Again, she marveled how good it tasted, which wasn't unusual, as she often raved about the taste.

However, the following week, I bought non-organic butternut squash, and she complained that it didn't taste as sweet. I added the same amount of brown sugar to both.

Personally, I've never liked broccoli; however, I love the taste of organic broccoli. The same with spinach.

For me, this answers the question is organic food better and should be a main consideration in choosing kids health foods.

If kids health food is organic food, and organic food tastes better, than maybe, perhaps, you're kids might even like eating vegetables (some day).

Healthy organic foods, including kids health food, add vital nutrients kids' bodies need to fortify kid's immune system. Food with an abundance of chemicals, pesticides, or irradiation make the food

  • less tasty,
  • less healthy, and
  • more vulnerable to the daily stresses and strains from life.

According to health statistics, the USA, the world's richest nation, ranked #24 in 2000 for healthy nations. Source: a World Health Organization press release.

Each year, our population spends more and more money on personal health care, but our people are not any healthier. Could the food we're eating be part of the problem?

Many additives in junk food and fast food chemically induce the eater to keep on eating beyond what is healthy. Remember the slogan: "Bet you can't just eat one"?

The additives in the food are adding to our national obesity problem. Is it any wonder that supplying kids health food is so important?

Making a healthy food shopping list is a gift you give yourself and family.

Think of the gift you're offering your family when you serve kids health food.

Whole Foods, the first national chain offering a huge variety of organic foods, has been joined by Wal-Mart Stores, Safeway Inc., The Kroger Co., and Albertson's LLC in offering organic food.

The Natural Food Merchandiser (NFM, June 2006) reports that American shoppers spent more than $51 billion on natural and organic products in 2005.

In 2006, there were an estimated 10,000 organic farms in the US, with more receiving certification daily. However, we've also been importing organic food from Europe, Bolivia, South Africa and Venezuela.

There are even healthy vending machines which offer organic snacks and kids health food. This is a boon for families seeking healthy foods for kids. This answers the question is organic food better!

One downside is that with more and more manufactures looking for organic food supplies, it's more difficult to find organic ingredients used to make products that are less than 100 percent organic.

Information on kids health food - What is healthy food?

Foods that are healthy are often simple. They are raw, living, vibrant food. I'm talking about organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and sprouted beans, grains, legumes. Juices made from organic fruits and vegetables are awesome!

When you eat healthy living food, you're naturally eating foods that keep you healthy. And it automatically is a health kids food for dieting without having to think about going on a diet.

What is healthy food is a great question nowadays and you'll hear a smorgasbord of answers, depending on who you're speaking with.

For me, healthy foods are those that provide energy and energize you after you consume them. Remember, every morsel of food that enters your body temple, after the nutrients are extracted, comes out as waste or remains inside as fat or sludge building upon your colon wall.

Healthy foods digest easily, they don't require a lot of work by our digestive system. That is the beauty of living foods not processed or cooked. Especially if they are organic foods.

Is organic food better? Well, organic live healthy food digests easily and leaves the least residue in your system.

Healthy foods that taste good are the ones you want your family to consume. You want to feed kids health food.

Remember the old saying: you are what you eat. Do you want your stomach to be a graveyard for dead animals?

I've been a vegetarian for twenty five years. Each of us is a unique child of a Loving Creator. Emphasis on the unique. My needs are different than yours, though obviously Universal Laws apply to us all.

Can fast food be healthy?

This is a great question. And only you can answer whether fast food can be healthy for your and your family.

Here's what the Center for Science in the Public Interest state on Aug. 4, 2008 about fast food: CSPI Investigation Reveals Kids’ Meals at Restaurants Usually Too High in Calories, and Good Options Hard to Find.

When fast food chains start offering family and kids health food that is

  • alive,
  • organic,
  • fresh,
  • raw, and
  • not cooked,
it still retains vital digestive enzymes, which are killed when food is cooked.

So for me, the answer to can fast food be healthy is whether or not it's cooked. I take digestive enzymes when I eat cooked food, to aid in the digestive process and to conserve the natural digestive enzymes my body manufactures.

Part of the reason for our ABUNDANCE of health problems is due to eating fast food. Even if we've answered "YES" to the question is organic food better, consuming too much fast food will kill you.

If the article above doesn't change your eating habits, with a focus on kids health food, watch the DVD Super Size Me (2003), one man's experience with eating fast foods. It changed my nephew's eating habits forever.

Here's information about health facts for kids.

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