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What is most important in assisting you and your children in understanding health facts for kids is that you begin to grasp how important a part you play in your health care.

Rather than simply regurgitating statistics, facts and figures that might frighten or scare you if you're concerned about future trends of children's health, I'm taking a different path that offers inspiration empowering children.

I've decided on this page of health facts for kids to present information that can change your lives rather than just the typical health information and facts for kids you'll find at many other sites.

One of the most important health facts for kids is that personal health and wellness is a journey based on decisions you make along the way.

In other words, you have personal power that you exert that affects your health.

Bad health, colds, flus, viruses, don't just happen to you, you don't just catch them.

Your lifestyle choices make you vulnerable to disease and poor health by weakening your immune system from excessive stress.

One of the important health facts for kids is that it's estimated by the Center for Disease and Control Prevention that "90% of doctor visits are caused by stress-related symptoms."

Re-read the above: stress related, 90% of visits, do you see how important the choices you make are?

So it's important to the health of your family that you keep in mind the affects of your decisions on your family's health.

Yet, let's face it. No matter how well we take care of ourselves, even when we do everything according to the experts, shit happens (as Forrest Gump) learned.

How we handle the challenges of life, i.e., When Bad Things Happen to Good People can easily be applied to your personal wellness journey. As we age, our bodies break down, slowly but surely.

Your kids certainly aren't thinking about aging, nor can you even imagine it being discussed in health facts for kids.

Yet, the changes we face and how we handle these changes determine our peace of mind. We can age gracefully or age painfully; either way, we age.

Learning to accept and love yourself for the unique child of God you are remains a high priority as you age. I've witnessed close family members whose self-talk adds to their pain and misery.

As I've said on health books for kids Biology of Belief is one of the most important health books you can ever read.

It offers fascinating health facts for kids old enough to think for themselves.

The book states that each of our trillions of cells has its own mind. In other words, when we tell our cells that we are stupid, fat, ugly, our cells believe these words and act accordingly.

If you're thinking I've gone off the deep end, see the uplifting DVD What the Bleep Do We Know and read Biology of Belief.

We harm ourselves and limit our healing and personal wellness every time we judge and criticize ourselves. The reason: our subconscious doesn't know when we're joking.

The more I express gratefulness for whatever life is giving me in the moment, the more love and peace visit my heart and mind.

This isn't always easy but it's those moments that I'm graced with choosing gratitude that transform despair into joy. It's utterly impossible to feel gratitude and despair at the same time.

KEY Concept for Health Facts for Kids: our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions play an increasingly more important role than we ever imagined regarding our overall health.

Thoughts become things. When we focus our thinking, believing and feeling on images that we are whole, healthy, vibrant humans, we move towards greater well being.

We help ourselves to feel better by imagining perfect health. We can imagine the cancer cells are healed, we can see ourselves as healthy, we can engage in self-talk that is uplifting to body, mind and spirit.

The more our self-talk is positive, healing, happy and loving, the better we feel. Even if we have a life threatening disease.

Remember, personal wellness guides you to living healthy. Even with a life threatening disease you can still find something to be grateful for and you may have a major life lesson to learn from your disease.

For me, accepting that death is going to arrive someday gives me peace. I attempt to live as fully as possible now and to enjoy the high level wellness I have.

However, someday I may be in a similar situation as my mother, whom I'm caretaker for in her home in West Hartford, CT since Sept. 22, 2007.

Mom's height has shrunk by four inches; this means that her lungs no longer have the capacity to carry on their function because they're compressed. Mom suffers from asthma as well as having heart problems.

She had major lower back problems last year. She walks like the leaning tower of pisa as well as hunching over. She uses a lot of medication these days to minimize the pain.

However, she rarely complains, though frequent acid reflux makes eating less enjoyable. She accepts her lot and expresses gratefulness frequently, having read many times Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Every Day of Your Life.

I shared this about mom to inspire you when you feel your personal wellness journey is troublesome. When you'd prefer to take the easy way out and slack off on diet, breathing, loving yourself and other components of personal wellness.

There is a saying by one of my favorite authors, Ernie Zelinski:
"Do what is easy, life becomes difficult.
Do what is difficult, life becomes easy."

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