Homeschooling Unit Studies

Homeschooling unit studies are becoming increasingly more important for busy homeschooling moms seeking expertise in areas without wanting an entire curriculum. The 2 websites below offer free homeschool unit studies.

  1. The Home School Mom: Bringing You the Best Free Homeschool Resources.
    There are hundreds of homeschooling printables links on this site, making it impossible to check them all. (I did find some links not working, but many links offer excellent materials).

  2. Fun Christian Homeschooling Unit Studies.

 Girl Reading Childrens educational Book Homeschool unit studies allow moms and their kids to test the waters of a company's product line without a huge expense.

Many moms like to add to existing unit studies or create their own homeschooling unit studies. Here are ideas on creating homeschool lesson plans on your own or with their children.

Although I'm not an expert on curriculum home school study units, I love creating ...

Homeschool Unit Study Books for Extra Busy, Budget Minded Homeschooling Moms

Can someone besides an expert create inspiring, thought provoking, character based educational materials for homeschoolers that is a worthwhile and valuable homeschooling resource?

In God's universe, everything is possible.

In 1984, while tending my home garden in Glenwood Springs, CO, where I had just moved to begin teaching in a K-6 alternative, spiritually based school, I was pulled into my house.

I frantically searched for pen and paper (I was computer illiterate in those days) so I could write down a story about caterpillars destroying a cabbage patch and how new gardeners and the caterpillars arrived at a peaceful solution.

I had received my first gift as a writer: Our Creator sent it to me, made me write it down, inspired me to edit it (which was much more challenging and time consuming than the mere writing), and 8 years later, I self-published it.

Each step of the way, I consulted with many helpful people, including homeschooling moms. But I never knew that I was creating a homeschooling unit book nor a study unit.

Some people, however, have extensive experience as homeschooling moms and when they create a homeschooling unit study, it comes from hands on personal touch.

Here are some free...

Homeschooling Printables

listed on Homeschool Curriculum for Life, an excellent source for a homeschooling unit about South Africa.

One reason I'm mentioning the above site is because our world is changing rapidly. The more kids understand cultures and peoples other than their own, the more we can all develop greater compassion and understanding for those seemingly less fortunate than us.

I've lived in Vietnam, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico, in addition to more states than I dare remember in the USA. Close friends and family joking said they needed a separate address book just to keep up with all my moves.

Wherever I've lived, I've made many friends, of all shapes and sizes, colors and ages. Everyone everywhere is seeking more love in her life, from the wealthiest business tycoon down to the hippie artist living high in the mountains away from the maddening crowd.

To find more love in our lives, we all need to know how to be a good friend. Being a good friend leads to having good friends.

At friendship books for children I go into greater depth about friendship.

For 8 pages of free, printable coloring and drawing as part of a homeschooling unit studies, check out Bingo and Bonner , A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book.

You will find a beautiful 4 Color cover as well as pages with border designs that inspire kids to create their own illustrations based on their understanding of the words on each page of a picture book quality story.

Bingo and Bonner also has a homeschooling unit study about friendship, acceptance, forgiveness and love, and is geared for kids ages 6 - 9. Here are sample pages from the unit study.

For more info or to purchase Bingo and Bonner.

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