Creating Homeschool Lesson Plans

Creating homeschool lesson plans has never been easier since the availability of free, online resources.

Obviously you enjoy teaching your children at home and want the best homeschooling educational materials and lesson plans for your children.

Homeschooling education is growing around the world, as are homeschool resources. Thus, you have many lesson plans you can learn from and check out as you jump into creating homeschool lesson plans for your kids.

You can find free online coloring pages, educational childrens books, picture books, geography lessons, history lessons, writing resources.

Let me offer you some thoughts to consider for lesson plans for homeschool.

#1 Idea: For example, if you want to be creating homeschool lessons plans based on character education, here's a list of character traits to propel you.

I've purposely left many of the definitions and example sentences of character traits for you to have your kids search the meanings themselves.

  1. You can have your kids begin by choosing the 5 character traits they consider most important. Then, base your work on creating homeschool lessons plans on these 5 traits.
  2. Kids can write short stories about the character traits.
  3. They can draw pictures that show their understanding of the character traits.
  4. They can describe friends who exhibit these 5 character traits.
  5. They can find characters in books or movies that demonstrate the specific character education traits.

The list above gives you the building blocks for creating your own homeschool curriculum and books and homeschooling workbooks.

#2 Idea for creating homeschool lesson plans:
Let's say you want to create lessons about kid's health.

  1. Begin by having your children read the labels on the favorite foods they eat.
  2. After they read the labels, have them research the meanings of the words they read, so they begin to get an idea of how much unnatural stuff goes into their bodies.
  3. Then, find a site that shows you how the body digests food. The more your child discovers about their bodies, the more she'll realize what a precious vehicle God has gifted her. Remember, every morsel of food that enters your body temple, must be digested. It's quite hard on our digestive tracts to digest many of the poisons and chemicals that have become standard fare in the food industry.
  4. If there are no labels, because they've chosen fruits or vegetables (yeah, I know, that's not probably going to be the case), then have them research each food.
  5. Here's a link to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (, their list of Ten Worst and Best Foods.

Most homeschooling families still may want to supplement their own creating homeschool lesson plans with ones they purchase, as oftentimes mom's time needs to go in 5 directions at once.

Here are some excellent resources to purchase and more ideas for...

Lesson Plans for Homeschool

An excellent homeschool resource that can save you money is Homeschool Buyer's Coop, where you get discounts on lesson plans and homeschool educational books.

When you tire of creating your own, then do a Google Search to find you everything you need in the way of

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For a free sample of lesson plans for homeschool, when you've run out of ideas for creating homeschool lesson plans, check out...

Homeschool Educational Books

If you'd like to sample an excellent homeschool educational book with homeschooling lesson plans, download Bingo and Bonner , A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book.

Kids create their own illustrations and drawings as well as coloring in border designs of a picture book quality story about the true meaning of friendship, love, acceptance and forgiveness, character education traits we all benefit from.

Bingo and Bonner comes with a Home Unit Study with 15 exercises, activities and games, a free sample gives you an idea of what one former home schooling mom created for me.

For an extensive listing of homeschool curriculum and homeschool educational books, visit Successful Homeschooling. You can read reviews about books, lesson plans, the whole kit and kabboodle.

Here's where you can find information about Homeschooling Unit Studies with free samples and ideas on creating homeschool lesson plans.

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