Education Activities for Kids - Adjusting to a Changing World

Offering different education activities for kids allows them to witness firsthand the potential for discovering and learning something, however big or small, in almost every activity they engage in.

There are a wide range of activities you might consider introducing to your kids: everything from educating for peace to growing gardens for seniors and the homeless to organizing dances to raise funds to go see their favorite sports team.

All of the ideas just presented require learning of one sort or another:

  • critical thinking,
  • organizing skills,
  • planning,
  • budgeting,
  • researching,
  • communicating and more.

If you're interested in character education activities for kids here's a few ideas.

Following up on the theme of character education, a simple activity is having your kids make a list of random acts of kindness that they'd like to do.

Why focus on kindness? Kindness is one of the most empowering character traits we need to navigate through life joyously.

We always feel better when we are kind to someone else. When your child does a kind thing for someone else, she is rewarded with a heartfelt "Thank You", and feels good about herself. Her self-esteem may improve and she knows she made a difference in the other person's life.

When you think about it, one of the ways we become peaceful is when we're doing or being kind to another. So, in some sense, kindness is definitely involved in educating for peace.

There have been many foundations and other non-profit organizations founded based on random acts of kindness, as well as a many books written and published, one for kids called Kids' Random Acts of Kindness .

It's up to you to guide younger children when you're figuring out which education activities for kids you want to implement.

If you want to empower your kids even more, start with a brainstorming session, where all involved list as many ideas, wild and crazy ones included, in a 2 to 3 minute time frame. No discussion of the ideas at this stage, simply get them on a bulletin board or big piece of paper that everyone can see.

Next, go through the ideas, one by one, with your kids, and prioritize the ones they'd really like to act upon. Get rid of and eliminate ideas that don't fit the occasion.

Discuss with your kids or child the pros and cons of each education activity. Have a heartfelt discussion, let your child lead the flow as much as possible.

Then, together, determine whether you'll need additional education resources for kids, educational products for kids, possibly even educational books for kids to work with.

Going through the brainstorming process will give you lots of ideas for education activities for kids that are doable, practical, fun, whatever criteria you and your kids choose.

Remember to enjoy the journey as much as the final result!

Education Resources for Kids

Whenever you're in need of education resources for kids, they're available!

You can use your

  1. library,
  2. internet,
  3. college or university,
  4. educational book store,
  5. museum if you live in a large enough city,
  6. schools, churches and synagogues,
  7. non-profit organizations,
  8. Chamber of Commerce,
  9. newspaper and magazine, and of course
  10. people from every imaginable profession and trade.

It's amazing: almost everywhere we look, when we use our creativity and imagination, we can find education resources for kids, education products for kids, and educational web sites for kids that often are free, fun, and educational.

Let's say, for example, you want your child to learn more about handling her finances as you see she just loves buying new gadgets, clothes, books, and more.

Have her call one of the CPAs listed online in your area or in the Yellow Pages. Have her request an appointment with the CPA being exceptionally clear about what she wants to know from the CPA.

The CPA will be thrilled to share his knowledge and expertise with her.

You can use this same method for other education activities for kids, i.e., have her contact an artist, an architect, a lawyer, a doctor, starting to get the idea?

Remember, people like to be kind to others.

Educational Childrens Books with Activities for Kids

Educational childrens books are obviously another source of education activities for kids.

As author and publisher of creative childrens books that nurture kid's hearts as well as feeding their minds and spirits, my books have Home schooling Unit Studies that go with each book.

If your child likes coloring and drawing, i.e., she likes to create her own illustrations, and she ages 6-9, here are sample printable educational coloring pages.
These coloring pages deal with the true meaning of friendship and teach kids the important character traits of forgiveness, love and acceptance while creating illustrations based on her understanding of the words on each page.

There are also activities, exercises and games in the Friendship Unit Study, samples from Friendship Unit Study.

Bingo and Bonner is a Read-Me, Draw-Me Book with education activities for kids. It goes far beyond coloring, though each page has border designs for kids to color in as they get ideas for their illustrations. Some kids seem to really like creating illustration based on their understanding of the story.
For more information or to purchase Bingo and Bonner.

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