Books on Building Childrens Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Acceptance & Self love

Why are books on building childrens self esteem or self worth or self acceptance or self love so important in early development of your child?

It has been stated by one of the world's premier child educators, Maria Montessori, that children are like sponges the first 6 years of their live.

In other words, they absorb everything they are presented, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

By planting seeds of self love and self acceptance in kids hearts at an early age, as well as exposing them to books on building childrens self esteem, your child learns at an early age that she is a unique child of a Loving Creator who never stops loving and accepting her for a moment.

She learns that she has many gifts to share with the world, but she can only share with others what she has inside herself.

In other words, none of us can share love with others until we love and accept ourselves.

Learning to accept ourselves with all of our dark shadows and aspects of our selves that seem unworthy of love is important for kids to learn early on in life.

Here's a poem I wrote for my book HeartMinders: Spiritual Lightposts Reminding Your Heart to Love.

Accept Your Shadows

Honor and accept
your shadowy, dark side,
before desperate despair
makes you whimper and hide.

Your dreary thoughts exist, like warts and moles;
by accepting them as real, you lessen their control.

Each of us lives with a Hitler within;
accept that as real, to minimize sin.

When your thoughts are horrible, malicious and bad.
View them as thoughts,
don't let them make you sad.

Remember: thoughts are just thoughts,
they can't make you act.
You choose the thoughts you honor,
that, dear friend, is fact.

Here's an excellent series of articles on self-acceptance.

I took a number of life-changing workshops from the author, a talented Australian psychologist with a great sense of humor.

He and his co-workers helped me to clear an emotional block because I didn't accept myself with all my supposed unlovable places.

Failure to accept and love myself and act in my own best interests cost me millions of dollars when a business I owned was stolen from me.

I lacked the self confidence to fight for the business I had worked so hard to create and watched as it slipped out of my hands and slowly disappeared.

Finally, twenty (22) years later, I was gifted with the help of a healer to release the blocks to success I had built up and am now well on the road to financial success.

That is why its so important to your child's health and development to be exposed to books on building childrens self esteem, self worth, self acceptance and self love.

Here are some self help books for kids.

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