Childrens Emotional Health - The Bedrock to Becoming a Healthy Adult

Childrens emotional health has greater significance in children's overall health than traditional medicine gives it.

"Why is that?", you might be wondering.

Because most doctors and health professionals do not accept mind body medicine.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine states: "Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions among the

  • brain,
  • mind,
  • body, and
  • behavior,
and on the powerful ways in which
  • emotional,
  • mental,
  • social,
  • spiritual, and
  • behavioral factors can directly affect health.

The following is the last paragraph of a fascinating article on mind body medicine and it's importance on childrens emotional health:
"Q: What major developments do you see coming up in the field of mind-body medicine?

"A: Self-awareness and self-care are the most direct way to deal with the epidemic of chronic illness to which our kids are becoming vulnerable.

"It’s crucial that mind-body approaches, nutrition and exercise become central to the education of our children as well as all our health professionals and teachers. It’s up to all of us to make this happen."
The Center for Mind Body Medicine, Source of information.

Children who become responsible for their own health education empower themselves to become healthy adults.

So just ...

What is Emotional Health?

Are there different types of emotional health?

Does emotional health have anything to do with a behavioral disability?

What are adolescent emotional health issues?

DISCLAIMER: I'm no expert on childrens emotional health from the perspective of being a doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a social worker, or the like.

My expertise arises from being an emotional basket case as a young person. My parents were divorced when I was four and I never really acknowledged as a youngster all of the feelings I was obviously feeling.

I began acting out to fill the empty void within, a void caused from the lack of love from my dad who disappeared at 4.

I exhibited many dysfunctional behaviors as a youngster, and well into my forties, when i finally began addressing my emotional health. (I'm 64 in 2008).

Boy, do I wish my mom had learned something about childrens emotional health back then. (I love my mom, we're great friends, I've healed my emotional wounds, so there is no blame here).

Now that I've given you the Disclaimer, if you're still with me, lets talk about childrens emotional health.

First off, emotional health begins when the child is in the womb, actually at the time of conception.

Thus, children's emotional health relates directly to mom and dads emotional health.

The healthier and more conscious the parenting, the healthier emotionally are your children.

Emotional health is a very complicated issue. The more love between the parents, the more kids feel loved and the freer they will be to express who they really are.

Which includes expressing their feelings and emotions.

Being honest with kids about the multitude of different aspects involving childrens emotional health is crucial to their healthy development.

Here's an outstanding website that has far greater expertise than I do on childrens emotional health.

But what I do know from personal experience is that a ...

Behavioral Disability

such as drinking alcohol and getting drunk, excessive gambling and stealing money from your parent's wallets can all result from not dealing with emotions in healthy ways.

I exhibited all the above during my teen years, getting drunk regularly, stealing twenty dollar bills (a huge sum in the 1950s) while dad showered, then gambling with my high school buddies.

Remember, men then, and even today, aren't supposed to express their feelings (at least the negative ones).

Men aren't supposed to cry.

We're supposed to be strong and handle everything that comes our way, well, like men do (ever see a movie with John Wayne or the Marlboro Man riding off into the sunset?).

Hogwash and piddly poo and tyler too.

Men cry, men who cry are actually stronger then men who hide their feelings inside and develop ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease.

I trust you're beginning to understand how important helping your child gain emotional health is.

On health education for kids, I discuss how our choices determine our health.

Find out how our subconscious early childhood programs dictate adult behaviors and what you can do about it for yourself and your child.

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