Best of Childrens Education Depends On Extraordinary Resources

Parents want their kids to have the best of childrens education.

Whether you're a homeschooling mom teaching through various home school curriculum and homeschooling unit studies or a mom concerned about the quality of educational resources and materials her kids are exposed to, you want the best of childrens education.

If you're brave enough and courageous to become a home schooling family, you have much mire choice and control in what you teach you children and how you prepare them to become responsible citizens and people in a rapidly changing world.

If you're interested in teaching kids about health education, there are exceptional resources online.

Of course, you have to use your discrimination when you research new health modalities, but from 25 years of research and personal experimentation with mind body medicine, plus writing my master's thesis on Wellness Education in the Corporation, I know there is a lot out there that works to improve one's health.

What Makes Up the Best of Childrens Education?

In my perspective, childrens education has one major job, which is to prepare kids to become adults by providing useful, practical, information, techniques and strategies.

In other words, kids need to learn about financial matters.

They need to understand what constitutes good health and how to gain and maintain wellness.

The more kids learned about what makes for a good marriage partner, the more young people who married would end up living married together for their whole lives, i.e., one marriage partner.

Kids need to know how to earn a good livelihood.

Importantly, kids need to be taught what makes for living in a community as a responsible citizen.

Remember, we are each whole human beings, with bodies, minds and spirits. The more children learn that we are whole human beings and that each part of us needs nurturing and love to blossom, the healthier we become as humans.

If you check out this site in detail, you see I am beginning to provide answers through childrens educational books.

Here are sample pages from my first one, Bingo and Bonner, a book that deals with friendship, how to make and keep friends.

It covers important character education traits such as love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Perhaps the most important area your child needs knowledge of is emotional and mental health, how to manage emotions and control to some degree the humma humma of our internal self-talk.

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