What Unusual Adolescent Emotional Health Issues Cause Kids to Grow Up Faster These Days?

Are adolescent emotional health issues a major concern for parents and educators, doctors and health professionals, and society at large in the USA?

Are more and more kids growing up faster in their bodies yet lag behind emotionally, making managing emotions effectively more challenging for these young souls?

Disclaimer: I'm not a qualified health professional, not a doctor or guidance counselor, neither a psychologist or any other professional that is certified as an expert in adolescent emotional health issues.

I am, however, qualified to discuss adolescent emotional health issues. My credentials are, as stated on childrens emotional health being a screwed up, emotionally disturbed adolescent who continued into my forties before I even accepted negative emotions and into my fifties before finally learning to express and manage my emotions effectively.

Emotional health issues I faced back in the late 1950s, early 1960s are the same for many youngsters today BUT there are some major differences.

For one thing, managing negative emotions has been recognized as a crucial component of managing emotions under pressure and just plain managing emotions.

In March, 2003, I discovered an extremely effective, free, self-help, drug-less technique for managing my emotions that can assist children's emotional health and well-being.

This easy-to-learn, free, acupuncture for the emotions (without the needles) technique has helped thousands of people, ranging from young kids to grandmothers, in restoring emotional, physical and mental health.

Check out Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for emotional health benefits for adolescents ranging from ADD & ADHD to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other anxiety and stress disorders that lead to adolescent emotional health issues.

In order for kids to work towards being masters of...

Keeping Your Emotional Health

it's necessary to better understand when kids or teens need help. An excellent article on discusses what defines adolescence.

The more that parents are able to express their own emotions and manage their emotions effectively, the better your child sees how it is done.

When kids feel loved, they trust you. When they trust you, they know they can share their hearts and deepest fears without worrying your love will disappear.

Statistically, according to Charles L. Whitfield, M.D.,

"80% to 95% of us did not receive the love, guidance, and other nurturing necessary to form consistently healthy relationships, and to feel good about themselves, and what they do."
--p. 3, Healing the Child Within, 1989, Charles L. Whitfield, M.D.

Let's say that Dr. Whitfield has under-estimated by 25% the number of people who feel good about themselves and therefore can form healthy relationships.

It still means that the majority of Americans who are parents and grandparents these days were raised unhealthily, and more than likely, are raising their kids in unhealthy ways.

Is there any wonder there have been and continue to be so many adolescent emotional health issues?

Understanding emotional health is a complex issue, yet we can simplify it when you understand what lies at the root of the...

Enhanced Emotional Health

In order for children to experience emotional health and well being, there is one major factor that rises heads and shoulders above the rest.

For a child, emotional health habits begin to form from the moment of conception. Everything that transpires in mom's life affects negatively or positively emotional health and well being.

All moms naturally love their children; however, do moms love themselves?

If you have any questions about self-love, if you would like to read a free e-Book that shows

  • blocks to self-love,
  • benefits of self-love and
  • how to deepen self-love,
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Are moms healthy enough to raise kids who won't experience excessive adolescent emotional health issues?

Visit health education for kids to discover a key process for helping yourself and your kids with all health issues, including adolescent emotional health issues. ATTN: I love providing free information, resources and products that are useful to you.

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