How True Friendship Quotes Help You Understand True Friendship

In a very few words, true friendship quotes describe the essence of true friendship. When two people share lives and develop what becomes true friendship, each feels blessed.

When you can share your

  • heart and happy times,
  • concerns and worries,
  • heartaches and joys,
  • pains and sorrows,
  • dreams and hopes knowing the person you’re sharing them with gets you,
it’s one of the greatest gifts imaginable.

People who are fortunate enough to make true friends know it.

making friends Although everyone has the opportunity for making friends and keeping friends, not everyone is willing to extend themselves and to give to their friends what it take to develop a true friendship.

But kids who learn to make and keep friends at a young age just might be able to develop a few true friendships throughout their lives.

Here’s the first of true friendship quotes:

Friendship is an art, and very few people are born with a natural gift for it. ---Kathleen Norris

So, if you’re not born with a natural gift of making friends, how do you learn it?

Good question, I’m glad you asked.

First off,

  1. learn the importance of friendship, then
  2. study the advantages and few disadvantages of friendship, next
  3. grasp the benefits of friendship, and finally,
  4. learn a few ways of making friends.


Importance of Friendship

is necessary when learning about true friendship.

Once you begin to grasp the importance of friendship, you can then look at the benefits of friendship to see how they far outweigh the disadvantages of friendship.

Here's a further discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of friendship as well as ways to make friends.

It's the frends you can call up at 4AM that matter.---Marlene Dietrich

True friendship quotes have one thing in common: they get across the true meaning of friendship and help solidify your understanding f friendship.

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.


Trouble shared is trouble halved.---Dorothy Sayers

The beauty of friendship, and there are others I share at friendship comments, is that a friend is a trusted ally you can count on.

A friend is someone who cares enough about you to sometimes tell you things you might not want to hear.

Of course, oftentimes your friend is gentle in tis approach, but sometimes "tough love" is needed.

I try not to hurt other people's feelings, having learned that cuts and bruises easily heal but a cutting word can last a lifetime.

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