Advantages and Disadvantages of Friendship

How often is there a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of friendship?

Rarely does anyone speak of the disadvantages of friendship but there are some worth noting.

However, when you remember all the

  • advantages of friendship,
  • benefits of friendship,
  • love you receive from a meaningful, deep, intimate, beautiful friendship,
you see that the disadvantages are minimal.

emotionally healthy kids-making friends Yes, they're real and not be be ignored. They are part of the challenges of deepening friendship and keeping friends.

The main disadvantage of friendship is having to be present when your friend needs you. Not necessarily in person, but on the phone or online.

You must be willing to really be there for your friend in times of need.

And that usually means helping her understand and weather some emotional upheaval or challenge she’s experiencing.

"Can you handle the emotional turbulence friendships require?", you might be wondering?

Emotional upheavals are a biggie in all friendships, in all relationships that are more than just casual acquaintances.

When it comes to men and a discussion of advantages and disadvantages of friendship, keep in mind men don't express their feelings as easily and as frequently as women do.

That's why it often takes 10 years of marriage for men and women to become best friends with each other.

Whereas women get to best friends much quicker. Obviously other factors are involved, but it's important for you to point out to your kids that emotional ups and downs are part and parcel of friendships.

I know some days I have more difficulties than other days in dealing with friend’s emotional stuff.

However, my closest friends and I know that if we’re not able to be fully present in the moment, that we schedule a later time to be there and be available for our friend.

This usually works well, and helps each maintain a sense of dignity and respect for themselves as well as for the relationship.

Another possible disadvantage of friendship is that you have to make time for friendship. In today’s hectic, stressed out, fast paced world of do, do and do some more, are you willing to invest in friendship?

It really depends on your values: what’s more important to you, having more love in your life from a friend or (you fill in the blank)?

Good friends, even mothers with full schedules, know the importance of friendship and make the efforts to keep a few close friends.

Without friends, it’s almost impossible to live a meaningful existence. Some people can survive without friends, but if you have the opportunity to keep friends, you discover it’s worth the effort.

Friends are food for your soul and spirit.

So when you think about advantages and disadvantages of friendship, keep in mind the

Importance of Friendship

and the gifts you receive from a beautiful friendship.

When you consider all you gain from friendships, all the heart warming times you share with friends, it's definitely worth whatever disadvantages you must experience.

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