Teaching Through Childrens Stories - Outstanding Stories Can Be Outstanding Teaching Tools

Your child completes an inspiring book. She's excited, eager to learn. Yet teaching through childrens stories wasn't the author's intent: she just wanted to share a good story.

You're left with an empty feeling, wanting more, wishing the story hadn't ended.

As mom and homeschool teacher, you can

  • make up exercises for your child to do,
  • have her write a follow up article to the newspaper sharing her excitement about the book,
  • inspire your child to write the book's author, asking for more books, or
  • have her make up some of her own exercises, inspiring your child to be the author/teacher.

Here are questions that can help you help your child to turn the story into an exercise in teaching through childrens stories.

  • Was the story an adventure story, a fantasy story, a personal story, a top Christmas story or ...?
  • What made the story so appealing, uplifting and inspiring?

  • Who would you recommend this story to?

  • Summarize the story in fifty words or less.

  • Did the author make you feel at one with the main character?

  • What made the main character or characters so appealing?

  • What did you learn from the story?

  • What did you not like about the story?

  • Any idea why the author wrote the story?

  • Do you feel stronger, or healthier, more creative from reading the story?

There are all sorts of ...

Kids Learning Books

available to moms staying at home to teach their kids, or for moms working from home whose kids are not quite ready for school. They include

  • childrens books for Christmas,
  • science fiction books for kids,
  • childrens books on pollution,
  • fantasy childrens books,
  • free Christmas stories for kids,
  • health learning programs for kids, (report August 4, 2008 from the non-profit group Science in the Public Interest, which found "Nearly every single possible combination of the children’s meals at KFC, Taco Bell, Sonic, Jack in the Box, and Chick-fil-A is too high in calories"),
  • health books for kids and,
a whole lot more choices and options that make it easy for moms to include teaching through children's stories as part of homeschool curriculum.

If you're seeking ...

Homeschool Artist Curriculum

for young artists, here are sample printable coloring page to discover how one author employs teaching through childrens stories.

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