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Looking to read books online for free? I have a few great resources for you.

Since this is a children's site, you'll find online childrens books to read that are free as well.

Read Books Online Free Be prepared to be amazed at the online free childrens books you can read.

Actually you can

  1. print them,
  2. give them away for free,
  3. even repackage them and sell them (if you get permission).

There are many possible places to begin to read online books for free. Here’s the best, The Project Gutenberg Collection, which was produced by tens of thousands of volunteers.

But I’ve saved you the problem of finding kids books to read. When you click the above link, you’re taken to a site that lets you read books online for free and to download in 50 languages.

Here's how to best use Gutenberg:

  1. Choose you language;
  2. If you know an author or a specific title you want to read, enter that in the Search Box;
  3. Otherwise, scroll through the extensive selection of authors and open books with titles that appeal to you;
  4. There are also lists of the Most Read 100 books from yesterday; the Most Read 100 books from the week before and similar lists.

The Project Gutenberg has done an outstanding service to readers of all ages by offering these books for free.

These books are in what's known as the Public Domain. This is the only way the vast majority of us would have ever heard of these books.

There are many well known authors whose copyright books expired and now these books are available in the public domain.

Just read, respect and honor the guidelines that Gutenberg lists for what you can do with each book.

To get free childrens books online to read, visit read childrens books online.

When you read books online for free, you save time and money, besides opening new horizons. Imagine discovering an exciting author you had no idea ever existed!

As you read books online for free, you explore a whole new world of possibilities. It's a kind of magic.

Isn’t technology amazing?

Isn’t the power of people working together who volunteer their time to proofread and assist in bringing these books and making them available to us a gift.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Here are a few free printable childrens books.

Read books online free. Can't beat free childrens educational books.

girl reading childrens educational books

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