Do You Love to Read Childrens Books Online? Or Have You Just Begun Thinking About It?

Chances are you either love to read childrens books online or you're considering reading childrens books on your computer.

Never before have we had such a wide selection of childrens books to preview, read and enjoy online.

If you're a

  • homeschool mom,
  • mom who works outside the home with little time to drive to libraries and bookstores,
  • WAHM,
  • senior wanting to read to your grandkids,
  • student who loves childrens books or is researching them,
you have many online reading options.

Have you asked yourself why you want to read childrens books online?

Could be because it

  • is simple
  • is easy (once you're familiar with PDF (portable download files)
  • saves you time and money
  • is comfortable
  • eliminates dealing with harsh winter weather or hot summers
  • eliminates traffic, saving you money
  • often allows you to print the childrens book right from the computer.

All this sounds too good to be true but what’s the downside to reading childrens books online?

Disadvantages or things people complain about are:

  • too much time online
  • kids miss interacting with the world
  • hard on your eyes
  • difficult to find good books (who recommends them?)
  • not real books, they're just words on computer
  • not everyone likes reading without a hard copy book in their hands
  • print may be too small.

Where do I get books to read online?

Here are a few sources of where to read books online for free:

  1. libraries have lists of books and sometimes recommendations;
  2. non-profit organizations
  3. public domain books
  4. schools often recommend online books to read.

Do I have to pay for these books?

  1. Books are usually free.
  2. Some books allow you to print and share with others
  3. Public domain books you can print and share, but there are restrictions in many cases. Check with each individual book.
  4. Some books you can buy the PDF
  5. some books give you PDF for free, hoping you’ll buy their book in hardcopy
  6. some books give samples: here’s my sample of read childrens books online sample pages Bingo and Bonner

What’s better, reading childrens books online or hard copy?

It's up to each person, not better or worse, unless you say so. Each has its advantages.

Read Childrens Books Online Free

Here's where to read the first childrens books online for free, Peace On Earth, Good-Will To Dogs.

Here are links and resources you can use to read childrens books online. As well as printing the books.

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