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Interactive online books for kids come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the excellent ones Childrens Educational Books offers, I provide links to outstanding, downloadable, online books for kids.

The amazing aspect of the internet is that you can sample pages of interactive online books for kids from the comfort of your home.

Online books require no inventory of books for the publisher, thus the price of kids interactive books and kids coloring books cost much less than going to a bookstore to purchase.

Plus, you save gas and time, and avoid dealing with unwanted traffic.

For an excellent site that offers online illustrated childrens books, follow this link to a wide variety of classic childrens books.

Here is a link for the first of our free sample online, interactive, down loadable coloring pages that are part of one of our drawing books for kids to be available soon.

If your child likes the sample pages and wants to continue illustrating the story, we'll keep you informed when our interactive online books for kids are available.

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Drawing Books for Kids

Drawing books for kids, at least our drawing books for kids, require kids to use their whole brain.

Our educational books for kids are designed so they interpret the words on pages with border designs, then they create their own illustrations based on their understanding of the words.

Thus, kids express their creativity through drawing and illustrating, as well as demonstrating their ability to grasp what the words mean to them.

It sets the stage for those kids who have the desire to making books on their own. Kids making books is the perfect exercise for any home school curriculum.

When educational story books and kids reading books are also kids interactive books, a new dimension is added to your child's reading experience.

Sometimes kids experiencing hard times at home, for whatever reason, express this in their drawings.

When I first published Joey's Cabbage Patch, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book, a child psychologist described her interpretations of the drawings to me (I was experimenting and testing the concept with kids).

She knew the kids. One child had recently lost her mother. He expressed this through drawing dark, menacing, threatening clouds.

This shows the power of art and creativity, combined with reading, of

Educational Books for Kids

Let's face it. You and I didn't grow up with the Internet, and online interactive books for kids. Electronic story books are new and extremely useful for certain circumstances.

Imagine, you're just about ready to leave for your much-needed vacation. You realize you need a few fun things for your kids to do. You don't feel like rushing off to your local Barnes and Noble. The solution?

Simply download an online interactive book for kids that you know from your child's testing a few sample pages, are fun, worthwhile, educational all in one.

For one such book, visit interactive homeschool curriculum.

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