Ideas for Childrens Books - Making Yourself Receptive for Childrens Book Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for childrens books because you're considering writing an inspirational childrens book that kids will love and cherish?

Or, are you an author of childrens books who is stuck with what writers call writers block and you want to jump start your heart and mind so your childrens book writing moves forward joyously, rather than slogging along at a snail's pace?

Whether you're involved in publishing childrens books, writing childrens books, or simply curious as to how and where childrens books authors come up with ideas for childrens books, ideas here may help you.

Authors of childrens books, whether they're personalized childrens books, rhyming verse childrens books, childrens picture books, or what I so fondly call Read-Me, Draw-Me Books, we each get our ideas for childrens books in different ways.

Some writers drink alcohol or use drugs to expand and open their minds so new ideas can flow in. I value my health far too much to do this.

However, I used to drink coffee, Red Bulls and other caffeine stimulated drinks to rev up and speed up my mind, with the hopes I'd see the world from a new angle of vision and great ideas for childrens books would just naturally flow to me.

After awhile, however, because I'm a highly sensitive person, the benefits of getting some good ideas was far outweighed by the grouchiness, impatience, and nervousness I felt after crashing from the caffeine high.

It's been 2 1/2 years since caffeine has entered my system and I have to say I feel much calmer, more relaxed and more patient and tolerant.

And ideas for childrens books still come to me!

Some authors of childrens books find being near the ocean, walking or hiking in the mountains, biking or running in the desert, almost anyplace in nature, results in a wellspring of ideas.

One reason this occurs is that there are more negative ions (this time negative is good) than positive ions in nature. Your whole body responds favorably to negative ions, you breathe better, and your mind clears out old cobwebs that often keep you stuck with recurring negative thoughts and emotions.

The majority of people are so stressed with today's fast paced lifestyle that stress management for kids and adults is crucial.

Especially for creative types like writers.

Some authors like to meditate and pray for ideas to come to them. They sit still and ask their guardian angels (are you laughing about this?) to provide them with inspiration so they can write more childrens books.

I like to meditate but prefer to let our Creator send me ideas, if and when our Creator so chooses.

This system works well for me.

Other authors of childrens books exercise, and get their endorphins moving, so the author feels healthy, alive, creative and often inspired.

And some authors take long, hot, soothing showers to relax and get their ideas.

Many authors talk and play with children and get their ideas from their interaction. Teachers and parents get excellent and inspiring ideas this way.

The key is to find what works for you.

I won't be showing you how to write childrens books, but if you are interested in...

Writing Childrens Books,

here's information about words for writing childrens books.

Most writers of childrens books will never be financially wealthy, but that is not why they write. We are wealthy in many other ways, and some writers of kids books do make a good income.

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Publishing Childrens Books On Your Own

The world of childrens book publishing has changed dramatically as I described on about publishing childrens books or publishing childrens books.

What you most need to know is that if you are a writer who can persevere, persevere and persevere some more with sales and marketing, you should consider self publishing childrens books as I described on the pages from the above links.

However, if your ideas for childrens books is to just give away a few kids books to friends and family, then consider Print on Demand publishing, a low cost way to see your name in print and test the market with your book.

What I've done, after self publishing one soft cover childrens book and one book for teens and women is to publish childrens books online.

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