Words for Writing Childrens Books - Everywhere You Look, You Find Words

Words for writing childrens books are everywhere, unless you live on an isolated mountain top or island:

  • in newspapers,
  • magazines,
  • online articles,
  • online dictionaries,
  • in conversations you are involved in or conversations you eavesdrop,
  • on radio and TV,
  • at the movies, on DVD, and
  • books, books, and more books.

For example, when I began writing about character education lessons, I found lists of words with character traits.

I decided since I would be writing about character traits as well and needed these words for writing childrens books, why not make my own list of character traits?

It seems like forever that we've had access to the awesome power on the Internet, where searching for many of us has become second nature and an important aspect of our lives and work.

Many of us however, have only been online for 10 years or so; what did we do in the past?

We used our local libraries, we talked with the research librarians and they skillfully navigated us through the maze of books and resources.

I still use our libraries, and love them! But it's so much easier, simpler, and quicker (usually) to do my own research at home on my computer.

Recently, I was putting the finishing touches on a childrens book about death and needed some words for writing.

Childrens books, especially ones when I'm uncertain of the age group, require words that children can understand. That only makes sense.

However, as I mentioned on my Home Page for Childrens Educational Books, the words and stories come to me.

I have to edit and rewrite, then edit and rewrite some more, the process often taking years, especially when in the past I doubted my abilities as a writer.

Thus, it's always been easy for me finding words for writing childrens books, but not always easy once the editing and rewriting process began.

Ultimately, I get professional help from editors and reviewers (who aren't friends or family).

I think we should be...

Celebrating Childrens Book More and More

At least the childrens books that offer kids new angles of vision, that offer them creative ideas, that inspire and empower children in whatever form the author chooses.

Childrens books are important learning tools for kids. Oftentimes, the author has spent considerable time finding just the right words for writing childrens books. The words don't magically appear to be the right words.

Authors work hard at making their books inspirational and uplifting for children.

Authors know the power of the influence their books have.

And authors of childrens books certainly aren't in it to make millions and grow rich.

Authors love creating, writing and finding just the right words for their childrens books so kids will benefit.

Celebrating childrens books honors these authors!

If you want to use words for writing childrens books, start with how to write childrens books.

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