What You Need to Know About Publishing Childrens Books to Be Successful

It's easy to tell you a lot about publishing childrens books. I promise I'll share resources, ideas, strategies that you will find helpful should you choose to venture into publishing childrens books.

However, before I give you any information, I must have you ask yourself a few crucial questions about your motives in wanting to learn about publishing childrens books.

The answer to these questions will guide you into what to research regarding childrens book publishing.

  1. Do I want to publish a childrens book just to see my name in print or because I have an important message burning in my heart I want kids to know?
  2. Do I want to make money publishing childrens books or can I simply self publish a few hundred copies of my book to share with friends and family?
  3. Am I familiar with the many forms of self-publishing childrens books opportunities that are now available due to Print on Demand (POD) and e-Book formats?
  4. Am I willing to market my childrens book once I've published it or do I expect it to simply sell itself?
  5. Do I understand and accept that unless I market my book, my childrens book won't sell and I'll be stuck with a garage full of unsold books? (This happened with my first self-published childrens book).

Are you beginning to get the idea that marketing and selling are the most important aspects when learning about publishing childrens books?

How you answer the above questions will guide your process in gaining information about childrens book publishing and whether you choose to become one of the publishers of childrens books.

Childrens Educational Books vision is offering inspiration empowering children, so if you're a child or a parent helping your child to find info about publishing childrens books, here's info about how children can self publish.

I've self published one childrens book and one book for women, both of which I lost money on and gained a tremendous education about publishing.

I wanted to earn money from my books, I wasn't just publishing books to see my name in print. I can easily do that by looking at my check book.

What I learned can be summed up in 3 words: Marketing and Sales.

Unless you're prepared emotionally and financially to invest the time and energy into marketing your childrens books, everything you learn about publishing childrens books is a waste of time (unless of course you just want your name in print).

If you don't believe me about what I have to say about the importance of marketing, check out what another author and publisher of childrens books says about marketing childrens books.

Publishers of Childrens Books

OK, let's say you've decided you want to become one of the publishers of childrens books. How do you proceed?

You'll find resources for both publishing e-Books and hard copies.

First off, here are excellent resources for publishing childrens books (assuming you didn't check out the link above).

If you choose to self publish books and want to test the market with your childrens book, you can find a Print On demand printer who specializes in small quantity print runs.

Do not, I stress DO NOT, become so absorbed in your book that you start off by printing thousands of books, unless of course you've already pre-sold them.

Check The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, "Get The Inside Scoop on the Contracts, Services, Printing Markups, & Royalty Payouts of 45 Self-Publishing Companies."

The book and web site are created by a lawyer who knows his stuff and has done extensive research.

If you choose to be a publisher of childrens books and are at the stage where you know a lot about childrens book publishing, you've probable already discovered Dan Poynter's web site, free resources and self-publishing manual, considered by many to be the best guide to self-publishing.

Since you're wanting info about publishing childrens books, here is information about words for writing childrens books.

Also, check out publishing childrens books if you're eager to proceed as a self-publisher of childrens books or at least to discover more about the process.

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