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Books for raising healthy kids play an increasingly important role for homeschooling moms and all moms who want to empower their kids for living healthy lives.

If you're a homeschooling mom, you think outside the proverbial box.

You know if you pay too much attention to the media, it's easy to become discouraged about the state of health of our nation's children.

Since you're homeschooling, you have to be creative, which is one of the most important aspects to consider when talking about raising healthy kids.

A child who honors her creativity as she ages (90% of kids are creative at 5 years old, 10% are creative by 10 years old), will know she has options and choices about health.

Here's some rhyming verse I wrote for my book HeartMinders about creativity:

Creativity Transforms Challenges
When you're sad and miserable, in horrendous pain,
you dampen your spirit, and plunder your gain.
Your heart hurts, you have little hope;
you barely hang onto life's shrinking rope.

Yet with creativity eyes to jump start your brain,
you ignite solutions to keep you dry in the rain.
Do your thought and beliefs make you strong or weak?
Can you face your fears, or does change make you freak?
Problems are for solving, until you die.
Accepting that reality means you laugh more than cry.

Each moment you choose in many ways,
to make life beautiful or ruin the day.
Life is change, you must make new starts;
use creativity eyes to create a happy heart.

If you'd like great rhyming verse (now that you've indulged me with my "OK" verse), keep reading.

Among the excellent books for raising healthy kids, the one I choose to recommend for it's "celebration on individuality and creativity" is a Dr. Seuss book Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!.

This story is great for homeschooling moms!

It's rhyming verse describes a unique school where all the teachers are creative, offer inspiration to the kids, enjoy their work, and truly love children.

However, the principal doesn't quite get what the school is all about and worries when the school is threatened with closure if students don't perform well on standardized tests.

To find out what happens, read Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! and have a laugh or two.

Now for the more meaty information on books for raising healthy kids.

One of the best sources of information for raising healthy kids comes from Drs. Martha and William Sears. Here's one of his highly acclaimed books for raising healthy kids Eat Healthy, Feel Great.

The book talks about different food groups and divides foods into green / orange / red light foods. Mom reviewers at Amazon say their kids love the book and learn to like eating healthy food instead of a daily diet of junk food.

The Sears, who offer a free email newsletter at their website, have a few other books for raising healthy kids that they've authored.

Although I dealt with some of the aspects of health that negatively affect children health at health education for kids, the next link takes you to an exceptional site about raising healthy kids.

Here's a quote from one of the scientists, Sandra Steingraber, PhD, who writes for the site:

"It's often said that children, pound for pound, eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air than adults. That's all true. Biologically speaking, our growing children are more..."

To read the rest of her statement, go to Healthy Child, Healthy World.

Check out their Ingredients/Chemical Profiles to insure you're not unconsciously feeding your loved ones chemical poisons that have been proven to cause cancer and other illnesses in kids and adults alike.

They also have books for raising healthy kids as well (I have no financial interest in recommending you to this site) but they're saying the same thing I am: kids who are healthy as kids become adults who are healthy and help our world become more healthy.

One key component to kids health that has attracted a lot of media attention is exercise, and lack of it in our young people, leading to excessively high rates of obesity.

What is important to remember when discussing exercise is the role it plays in emotional health. There is a strong link between ...

Exercise and Emotional Health

Here's a concise, simple and short article about the emotional benefits of exercising.

I swim vigorously about 22 minutes 6 days a week now. When I don't exercise, I have a much more challenging time dealing and handling my emotions.

Kids need to exercise regularly to offset the many hours they spend lying down and sitting still in front of computers, TV screens, and at desks in schools.

Kids need sunshine, fresh, air, movement in their bodies so the endorphins, serotonin and other naturally occurring chemicals in their bodies are released.

Studies conclusively show that exercise helps in reducing or eliminating depression.

Kids as well as parents are under a lot more stress today than ever before. Exercise is one component of stress management for kids that offers immediate rewards and feedback.

Kids who exercise feel better. Childrens emotional health explores additional other aspects of emotional health.

Health books for kids explores more more about various factors affecting childrens' health and has links to books for raising healthy kids.

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