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Up until the past 10 years, when you thought of book publishers for childrens books, your thought would naturally go to the large childrens book publishing companies that were primarily located in New York or California.

Here's an excellent source for information about childrens book publishers as well as an extensive list of book publishers for childrens books.

There was a pretty standard and rigid process to be strictly adhered to if you were a new author wanting to break into the world of writing childrens books and getting them published.

However, the reason for this was, and still is, that publishers of childrens books need to be pretty certain each book they choose to publish will earn them a return on the hefty investment in time, money and resources they make for each book.

The percentage of new authors published each year was very small, and your chances for financial success were infinitesimally small.

BUT, you gained credibility and you could use your book as a marketing tool for childrens books author appearances, teaching classes about writing childrens books, and other avenues for earning money.

Your chances for financial success are still small unless you're willing to do the necessary marketing and sales, as I explained on publishing childrens books.

However, there are more and more small and independent book publishers for childrens books who are self-publishing childrens books because of new methods for self publishing, namely online publishing of childrens books and POD (Print on Demand), where you only print books after they have been ordered and paid for.

One of the problems with POD publishing is that anyone and everyone can use the technology to have their book published if they're willing to pay the fees for doing so.

Research as discussed in The Well-Fed Self-Publisher indicates that most POD authors sell around 100-200 copies of their books, meaning that these authors don't really want to do the necessary marketing and sales required for financial success.

Also, the quality of many POD printed books isn't of the same high quality as required by bookstores and libraries.

Lastly, the author receives much less profit compared to the true model of self-publishing where you literally publish thousands of copies of a book to get a great price per book and the quality is superior.

I did this when I self-published my first childrens book. Five thousand, one hundred fifteen (5,115) copies arrived on my front lawn and I had nowhere to store them. My living room, bedroom and kitchen were overflowing with kids books.

So, if you really are passionate about seeing your childrens books in print or as downloadable online e-Books, read more about...

Childrens Books Self Publishing

Self publishing childrens books as online childrens books make childrens books more affordable for buyers and less expensive to self-publish.

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Here's accompanying samples from the Friendship Unit Study, which covers character traits such as forgiveness, acceptance and love in a gentle way.

For further info or to purchase Bingo and Bonner, A Read-Me, Draw-Me Book, where kids, ages 6-9, create their own illustrations based on their understanding of the picture book quality story.

Here's more information about publishing childrens books and ideas for book publishers for childrens books.

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