What is Friendship? You Might as Well Ask What Makes life Worth Living.

What is friendship? Friendships make your heart smile and your feet dance.

Some friendship sayings and short friendship poetry showing these kids know about making friends.

making friends-2 young girls smiling broadly Friendships make the world go round,
friendships lift you off the ground.

Friendships keep you warm at night,
friendships keep you close and tight.

Friendships help you through tough days,
friendships bring the warm sun’s rays.

Friendships bring you more than gold,
friendships make you brave and bold.

Friendships are for courageous people. Being a friend requires

  1. keeping commitments,
  2. being a good listener,
  3. giving support,
  4. being there during trials and tribulations, and much much more.

Friendships aren’t for wimps, they’re for lovers of life.

Friendships are fun, friendships are challenging, friendships are energizing, friendships are sometimes draining (though never for long).

What is friendship? you ask.

Can I define friendship?

This whole page is an going definition of friendship. I cover the importance of friendship as well as the benefits of friendship. There are even comments about the true meaning of friendship.

Friendships make you laugh, friendships make life worth living when all else is gloomy.

Friendship is when you can pickk up the phone and call your friend just cause you want to say “Hi!”

Or you can send a funny friendship quote via email or text message.

Or, you can write to a penpal and deepen the friendship through your written words.

Friendship is the glue that holds families together.

Friendship is the foundation in marriage.

Without being the best of friends, marriages don’t last, or if they do, the partners barely smile.

Your Key to a Successful Life is Understanding and Acting on the Importance of Friendship

So how you you act upon once you understand the importance of friendship? (You did follow the link above, now, didn't you?).

When your kids are old enough, watch City Slickers with them, which won an Academy Award in 1991. The synopsis leaves out that it's a wonderful tale of men expressing their love and friendship for each other.

Mitch is a middle aged big-city radio ads salesman. He and his friends Ed and Phil are having mid-life crisis. They decide the best birthday gift is to go on a two week holiday in the wild west driving cattle from New Mexico to Colorado.

Here's the rest of the synopsis taken from City Slockers.

I saw the end of it again while writing this page. Tears flowed (I know, I get a bit sentimental at times) seeing the deep bond and lasting friendship the 3 men had formed since childhood.

It's an inspiring and empowering account of

  1. what it takes to be a friend,
  2. how to make friends,
  3. how to be there for your friends when they need you,
  4. how to set healthy boundaries in friendships,
  5. how to follow your dreams and care for yourself, and more.

If you think having friends isn't one of the main ingredients to a successful life, you're wrong.

And here's some ways to make friends easily that'll help you and your kids navigate the thorny road to making and keeping friends.

And someday they may even know the true meaning of friendship as City Slickers portrays and answers the question: what is friendship?

true meaning of friendship

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