Ways to Make Friends Easily

Are there ways to make friends easily?

Is there a formula that exists that proves conclusively that when you follow steps 1-5, you’ll make all the friends your heart desires?

Just like with diets, there is no one formula for making new friends that works for everyone.

Unless of course you're this age: making new friends-2 young kids

Although some people seem to meet new people for friendship everywhere they go, that's not true for everyone.

It's like they have the magic of friendship and are full of advice about how to make friends.

They've learned the benefits of friendship and the true meaning of friendship. Their faces glow, their hearts are happy, they share love with friends.

Keep in mind, however, that your child is a unique creation of a loving Creator.

She has her own

  • likes and dislikes,
  • fears and hang-ups,
  • strengths and weaknesses,
all of which make her the beautiful child she is.

It’s not as though there’s a friendship recipe where you place all the ingredients in and out comes this delicious chocolate friendship cake.

There are some ways to make friends easily that fit her personality and style.

Other tips on making friends might make her feel too uncomfortable, or are too challenging.

There’s nothing wrong in stretching and growing beyond your present self, but making friends should be a fun thing, as far as I’m concerned.

true meaning of friendship - group of teens radiating friendship One of the ways to make friends easily is for your child to participate in activities she loves.

The more she does things she loves, the more joy and contentment radiate from her growing heart.

The more happiness she feels, the easier it is to make friends.

The more she’s doing things she loves, the more she’s following her own heart and not just doing something cause every other kid in the neighborhood does it.

The more she focuses on her strengths, on what she likes to do, and actually does them, the easier it is to attract others kids with similar likes.

Doing things together as kids is important. It’s fun.

Sometimes your child can make a new friend from one of her existing friends. Kids often have sleep overs, camp outs, join the scouts, play sports in school.

The more you force your child to do things she doesn’t like, the more resentment grows in her heart and the harder it is to make friends.

Helping her understand the importance of friendship and how friendships grow will naturally occur as she gets involved with other kids.

Each friendship has its own problems but as your child grasps the

Importance of Friendship

she'll be able to more easily navigate the thorny road friendships present.

I've discussed at length the importance of friendship and simply would like to add that friendships are worth the effort it takes to develop them.

One aspect of friendships I haven't discussed is that friendships deepen and grow as trust develops between friends.

How does trust develop?

One way is when each person keeps her commitments to the other person.

When your daughter says she's going to share her favorite toy with a friend, and she actually shares the toy, that deepens friendship.

Trust is one of the qualities of true friends and helps lay the foundation for lasting friendship.

The power of friendship is important for kids to learn early in life.

Here are a few more ideas on ways to make friends.

Your wealth is where your friends are.---Plautus

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