Powerful Tips on Friendship that Create Meaningful and True Friendships

Occasionally, life teaches us tips on friendship.

When you lose a close friend because you didn’t honor the friendship in some way, you discover a nugget of gold and the true value of friendship.

Learning the importance of friendship is a gradual process. Even though some people may become a friend almost immediately, it takes losing friends sometimes to teach us how important each friendship is.

Kids need other kids as friends to thrive throughout childhood. Kids who are able to make and keep friends become young adults who have an easier time making and keeping friends.

Life’s success depends more on the quality of friends and friendships you have than on your bank account.

The richest man in the world is not the one who still has the first dollar he ever earned. It’s the man who still has his best friend.---Martha Mason

They are rich who have true friends.---Thomas Fuller

Because friendship making and keeping is such a key component to life success, a few key tips on friendship empowers you and your child.

One tip on friendship is to be a good listener. The more you learn to quiet your own chatter and deeply listen to your friends, the deeper the friendship grows.

“Why is listening so important to true friendship?” you might be wondering.

Glad you asked.

Most people in today’s stressed out, fast paced, hectic world become so wrapped up in their own problems, it’s hard for them to listen closely to other people.

They’re in such pain and turmoil they find it difficult to pay attention to what another may be experiencing at the time.

Listening is a skill you can develop. At character education programs I discuss the importance of friendship as well as listening skills.

Here's some tips on being a friend that come from a school environment.

The bottom line is that when your kids grasp the benefits of friendship, and how even just one beautiful friendship can fill their hear with joy and help to ease a troubled mind when someone really cares about you, your child will be willing to put up with the disadvantages as well as the advantages of friendship to experience the true meaning of friendship.

true meaning of friendship - kids arm in arm

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