Poems About Friendship

What makes poems about friendship special?

How can these poems empower kids to make and keep one or two lifetime friendships?

Friendship poems have the power to teach kids about some of the advantages and disadvantages of friendship and making friends in a few lines.

making friends - 2 young kids smiling For example, take this short friendship poem.

Friendship fills your head and heart,
friendship gives you brand new starts.

What does this poem mean for you?

Do you feel uplifted by it, maybe given a boost for the moment?

For me, it gives hope for a better future, it shows that you can start anew with your life at any time.

For kids this is an important lesson: failure is just a stepping stone towards success.

A bad grade may inspire your child to study harder, to decide that learning is a key element to their future.

The above short friendship poem is a reminder that every moment life changes and you have some power over the direction of some of the change.

Or what about this?

Friendship shows you how to give;
friendship teaches how to live.

True friends keep on giving to each other, that's one of the special bonuses about friendship. Giving is part and parcel of friendship.

Whether it's a listening ear and heart, or a sandwich, a birthday treat, whatever, friends give to one another, because they like the feeling they receive when their friend receives the gift.

You need to be tolerant and accepting of your friend, thus you learn another key to a successful life with every friendship, i.e., acceptance of others.

Lifetime friendships are rare and special.

Imagine how often you will have given to your friend if you make a friendship as a child and hold onto to your friend's heart until old age?

I have one friend whom I've known for over 35 years; my 90 year old mom has a friend she met when they were both 5 years old.

Do you think they understand the

Importance of Friendship?

If you're able to teach your kids the importance of friendship when they're young, they'll master the art of making and keeping friends.

Even though we live in hectic, stressed out times, and the different types of fear make life much more challenging for children to establish lifetime friendships, it's still possible.

When your kids learn the benefits of friendship and different ways to make friends, they discover the value of friendship and want to have a few close friends they can trust and who care about them.

They begin to understand the true meaning of friendship.

This last of the poems about friendship sums it all up:

Friendship makes your heart grow healthy;
friendship makes you oh so wealthy.

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